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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oops -- post will return next Sunday

This morning I inadvertently posted my annual Father's Day photo. It seems I was a week early. This reminds me of the fact that these days I am on the receiving end, and no longer on the giving end, of that holiday. The dads of my youth are gone, and they are missed.

It also reminds me that I can never seem to remember which weekend Mother's Day or Father's Day falls on. This year we had Mother's Day on May 10 -- but Father's Day isn't until the 21st? Whatever. If you're a dad and you have a good day, any one will do.

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I'm so lucky to have great adult children that are a joy to know and love.
I too think of my long departed dad, who was devoted to bringing me up.

Wow that was a close one....
Jack, looking at your earlier post, I was all ready to bust my late teenage son's b***s for forgetting Father's Day but thankfully as it's only 2pm on a Sunday afternoon he is still in bed.

I, too, flipped out and thought I had forgotten Father's Day when I saw the earlier post. But this gives me a chance to send him something nice this week.

He is turning 80 in August and the whole fam is getting together for the first time in 10 years to celebrate.

Funny, young man...I did basically the same thing with my 2 grown daughters....who quickly reminded me, I too, was a week off.

At age 69, we call it CRS.

Well at least it's flag day! that's something to celebrate.

1777 to 2009, pretty good that it still flies.

In my own defense, my confusion was worsened by seeing this story last night, which I assumed was in honor of the holiday.

So now it's Father's Farther Day?

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