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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missing the (electric) boat

If Portland's going to be the hub the new "green economy" -- and not just a busting place, the way it has been with biotechnology and the "creative class" -- then how come we're not getting one of these stores?

Guess we're too busy figuring out reasons to cut down the trees in our parks.

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Portland has fewer rich people than Seattle, SF, NYC, and Miami.

Tesla was giving test drives of this car at the Del Coronado in SD three weeks ago. I was there on vacation. I didn't get a drive but the guy with the car said they will definitely be in Portland within 5 yrs. Of course, he probably said that to the guys from Fon Du Lac and Hartford as well.

Incidentally, its is truly strange to see that thing peel out with zero engine noise. The guy says the car weighs 3000 lbs. 1500 of that is the battery.

Portland has fewer rich people than Seattle, SF, NYC, and Miami.

Hey, we've got Merritt Paulson and the construction company magnates in Dunthorpe. Don't they want to be as green as their skyscrapers, airport, and sports arenas? Nothing says green like construction.

C'mon, if Randy's dumb enough to pay $7 a gallon for bio-fuel and borrow $100M on Paulson's behalf, I am sure writing this guy a check for $5M to open a dealership here is no problem.

How about locating in Lents?

They are pretty cool cars, nonetheless.

For a breathtakingly beautiful reminder of what the stakes are, try this (93 minutes).


Tesla ain't exactly making a cheap little runabout.* Currently their stuff is a major high-end luxury product available in limited numbers, so it makes sense for them to go after the big markets first.

Allegedly both Nissan and Mitsubishi (I think?) are planning to bring their electric car products to Portland in the next couple years.

[*: For a very interesting review from a non-environmentalist performance vehicle enthusiast, go here; scroll down near the end.]

You forgot the mantra Jack, cars are bad!

Here's an interesting article that pokes holes in mass transit being green (though not in all cases), our new commuter train came to mind as I read it.


I thought this post was going to be about electric boats! I have heard tell of those, but haven't seen any. Anyone else?

Also, i used to live mere blocks from the 2nd Tesla store in Menlo Park, though now it seems they're opening at various locations in major US cities & perhaps even Europe already.

Finally, what we REALLY need ASAP is an average income electric car for commuters, not the too-expensive (though wicked fast) Tesla for extra rich hippies (or whatever). Allegedly such cars are coming to market, but taking their sweet time. Anyway...

The future is electric.

Don't tell the salmon.

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