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Monday, June 29, 2009

It could be curtains for Yao, y'all

The big guy's foot may be shot.

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hehe china

The most fascinating thing about this picture is how he is looking down at Patrick Ewing. He is tall!

Getting big guys that last without brekaing is a tough deal in the NBA.

Wasn't Greg Oden involved in that injury?

Well, it's good news for the Blazers, since the Houston Rockets have owned them in the past two seasons with Yao at center.

But there are far worse NBA citizens than Yao Ming (hello, Kobe), and I wish him an eventual return to the NBA.

As a Blazer fan this is good news. I hate myself for thinking that way. Yao is a true warrior on the court. His game has grown tremendously, and he's not all about the size because he's dangerous inside and out. I hope he heals up and comes back to the game with no lingering problems.

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