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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Cloud 9 when I want to

Yesterday our family savored many of the great things that summertime has to offer. Berries and cherries from the farmers' market, and good neighbors to share them with because we always buy too many. Garage sale bargains, both practical and playful, along with some free stuff thrown in to punctuate a fine deal. The last hour of Jonathan Schwartz's radio show on the internet -- a Richard Rodgers tribute, today being the 107th anniversary of his birth. A splendid nap as the day's Wimbledon wound down. A slather of sunscreens from various bottles and tubes, and some time with the rose bushes and the lawn. The favorite iced tea making its seasonal debut. Trying to figure out what the cats had killed and were eating in the backyard. (There was an empty snail shell -- will a cat eat a snail?) Swim time at Grant Pool. Out to a couple of first-rate markets for fish and taco fixin's. A breezy evening run along Alameda Ridge. A return to our beautiful, old abode. Excellent food and wine in abundance. The summer daylight never wanting to quit. Goodnight hugs all around. Good air, good health. A leisurely flip through last Sunday's Times Magazine. Some time noodling around on the 'net.

We didn't hit the lottery, but in a lot of ways, it was better than that.

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Oh, and I forgot -- watermelon for lunch.

With all the craziness, Jack, that is what you have to focus on. It has always been a mystery to me why folks can't focus on the simple pleasures that are in abundance if you just slow down and savor the moment. We live in such a beautiful state, I hit my first farmers market on Wednesday, discovered the sheep cheese we had tasted and relished on one of our travels, being made and sold by a local farmer in southern Washington, had fun chatting her up as well as picking up a variety of fresh berries that made their way into a cobbler this weekend.

Sounds nice - DId you get a chance to try Randy's Caesar Salad recipe?

I too was at the hollywood farmers market yesterday and was frankly surprised by the high prices. The quality is everything it should be, but it does take a bite.

Gotta get some of those tea bags while I am in the land of consumer plenty.

Re: cats eating snails: I have seen them eat beetles and spiders, and I recently saw my parents' cat catch a fly in mid air. My guess is that snails are on the menu for discriminating felines.

Ah, ya know, it really doesn't get any better than summertime in our little corner of Oregon.

Having been to a few farmer's markets lately, though, I am coveting my neighbor's yard, which is almost an acre and all they do is grow grass on it. With apparently no economic stress in the local agricultural sector, I'd be growing everything I can and selling it for $4 a pound and up at a farmer's market.

Perhaps we should have a Jack's Blog gathering at Hollywood - though I vote for 10:00 and after, since the dog loves to go there. (If you're a dog, the berries, cherries, samples, etc. are free! Just pick 'em up off the pavement.)

I did see Congressmen Blumenauer there at 1:00 with his wife? companion? He didn't realize the market closed at 1:00 when they ring the bell for last call.

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