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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dorothy! Dorothy!

From the looks of things, it could be a rough evening.

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Toto's already under the couch.

The Rose Festival is now officially under way.

Bojack Storm Center ... officially open.

When can we expect a Bojack Storm Center photo from the aerial tram? I hear it's shut down due to the high winds. They should charge a higher fee and treat it like one of the thrill rides in the Stun Center.

.91 inches of rain in 30 minutes in N. Salem. Wind not so bad.

First Thursday, anyone?

We're not sure the Bojack Storm Center ever opens when there's actually a serious storm.

BUT OMG! I saw two branches come down on the neighbors' tree!

Hang on to your hats!

You guys take care of yourselves. Considering that I actually started to get homesick for torrential thunderstorms when I was living in Portland, this can't bode well.

Looks like it's over in Portland. Didn't amount to much here.

Wow (yawn) that was impressive. Did Kroger announce a press conference during the storm or anything?

Well, hell. As a general rule, I see a radar signal like that, and I run like hell for shelter before the golfball-sized hail hits. You guys get all the luck.

The mere mention of Bojack Storm Center 9000 turned the tornado gods off.

Sounds like the Salem/Keizer area was hit pretty good compared to Portland.

Awww geeee. I was hoping for at least enough rain to water the garden.

Although, I have NEVER seen a dust front move in like that from the south. It looked like rain in the distance, but was yellowish and when it hit we were all sneezing and coughing outside. Like a big wind scoured out the dust and pollen from the valley. Kind of nice now, though.

Don't worry. Even thought the threat has been downgraded our local TV stations promise to keep us updated with a plethora of viewer-generated scenes of standing water and bad photographs of lightning plus repeatly playing footage of the single car nailed by a tree on I-84.

I miss real meteorologists. Was it Jack Cappelle(?)

I miss Rod on KATU 2. Why did they let him go for a new lady that has a grating voice and little weather knowledge?

Rod Hill was let go at KATU about a week ago. Dave Salesky from KGW will be taking over at KATU in the evenings in Oct. Until then KATU's weather coverage will be pretty bad!

Reminded me of the legendary Columbus Day storm of '62 ... in that the center of the low pressure was off the coast and the winds whipped 'up' the Valley, south to north ... doing actual damage, unlike this dark-doing thing today ... but it all got upstaged and forgotten 2 years later when a monster Alaskan earthquake flooded the coast with a 20-foot tsunami ... heck, Columbus Day itself is forgotten ....

The thunder and lightning out in eastern Oregon this afternoon and evening have been spectacular. Great wind, too. We love it!

Last few days some areas of Mendocino and Humboldt counties in NW California have been hammered by LOTS of lightning, marble to golf ball sized hail and tons of rain.
Buddy in Medford says they've been getting nailed as well.

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