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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cue the developer weasels

Eugene is looking for a new city hall. No doubt the apartment bunker sharpies will be quick with proposals. "Mixed use! LEED Platinum! Linchpin! Thousands of new jobs!" And affordable, $1,000-a-month studio apartments.

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Thousand dollar a month studios are cheap compared to some places in DC and NY.

But it's Eugene James

James exhibits the new Portland standard of quality -- if it's worse somewhere else, then anything here is fine.

What's wrong with the 1960s version they now have? Or did some "economic development" genius - who has never run a business in their life - propose this?

It's so ugly and dated it could be billed as a new 'green' development condo in PDX

I think it's fabulous. It's so out it's in again. Retro, baby!
I'll take that over any soul-less, steel and glass mixed-use abomination they want to cram in there. Just expand and update the existing building. It's called making due. Live within your means. It's a municipal structure. It doesn't have to be Pearl-pretty. Don't follow Portland's example.

Yeah that will be Sam and Randy's next scheme. Give away the land under city hall and have Hoffman Construction build a magazine-ready showcase of course with a bookstore and a coffee shop on ground level. Don't forget the rooftop lawn too.

When I was in college I did some work with the local government and police, I went to this place many times, it was always like a bad dystopian scifi movie set. In other words it rocks and they should learn, like those of us that run our own businesses to play the hand their dealt.

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