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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

City Hall gets something right for a change

Hey, check it out -- our friend and occasional blog commenter Anne Dufay is the new executive director of Southeast Uplift, the agency that serves as an important resource for neighborhoods in that part of Portland. Anne is a smart cookie and regular people at the same time, and she speaks from the heart. Trying to talk sense to the strutting peacocks currently running the city is not an enviable task, but if anybody can make headway in that department, it's Anne. Best of luck to her -- the city needs her.

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Good luck! Hope she gets more respect than Lents is getting from Randy.

Go Anne!!!! and Go Amanda!!!

Speaking from SE, Ms Dufay's two immediate predecessors have been secretive, duplicitous, mendacious, and destructive of the public's trust. Both have been products of the city's bureaucracies. One has recently been mentioned on this blog in regard to her current incarnation at Parks.

While Ms Dufay will not need to do much to outshine her predecessors, we hope for much, much more.

I know how hard she works, how smart she is, and how much she cares, so I'm figuring she's going to do a great job. I'm proud of her and appreciate your nice comments even if we don't always agree.

Thanks, Jack!

I can't let your headline stand without comment, though -- SE Uplift is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation -- run by a Board of Directors, not City Hall. From my perspective, as one of 81 applicants for the position, the Board, and their search committee, were diligent and thoughtful throughout the process. There were four intense panel interviews to negotiate and let me tell you, the questions were killer.

I came to the end of it with a deepened respect for the insight and caring and capacity of the Board and staff of SE Uplift.

So, while sometimes The City does get things right, this time it wasn't about "them"!

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