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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blood begins to flow at Metro

The volunteer board that runs the Convention Center can read the handwriting on the wall. Two of its members just quit rather than let Metro take away their power to hire and fire the general manager of the Convention Center. It's all part of the effort by the Metro top brass (the Goldschmidt faithful, it appears) to get rid of the current manager, whom the Convention Center board supports.

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The back story is more interesting in the O. One theory is Woolson wants the CC Hotel and Bragdon doesn't? That's the opposite of what I thought.

the real story... Bragdon tried to quietly kill the OCC hotel six months ago only to have Sam Adams keep it alive with his sham committee.

Typically, if the Metro Prez tried to usurp the authority of the commission, then POVA, PBA, the hoteliers and others would move to protect the autonomy of the commission. This time the silence is deafening since Woolsen has completely alienated his allies with his incompetence.

In this town large no bid contracts to build boondoggles feeds the corruption and allows agencies to skim off millions from construction funding to fund their own overhead and keep their over paid elite postions.
OHSU, Port of Portland, PDC, Metro and TriMet all divert millions for "management" and " administration" from projects and programs.
Without perpetuating this they fall into fiscal calamity.

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