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Friday, June 26, 2009

Be civic-minded -- get naked

Back when they were talking about building the OHSU aerial tram [rim shot], the neighbors along the route threatened to hold summertime backyard nudist parties to scandalize the tram riders. To our knowledge, they never followed through with this, but with the weather about to warm up, they might want to pencil in a few dates for such gatherings. They might help ridership, and any increase in fares may help pay off the massive dent that was incurred to build the foolish contraption.

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So, how massive was that dent?

When Governor Sanford was initially "missing", I did hear speculation that he may have taken off hiking on the Appalachian Trail to coincide with National Nude Hiking day, which coincided with Father's Day this year.

So who wants to host in their backyard? Let's make it a monthly 'Nude-in'
I will gladly join in mooning the OHSU tramsters and everything that toy represents.
How many jobs again had to shed to pay for that?

Once the Tram fails the pods can be used for small apartments for the homeless. They can also be sold to dope dealers to bury in their backyards and grow dope in. It is all about recycling and sustainability in Portland-Green City USA.

Don't worrry about repurposing the tram. If it lies dormant for more than a few days, the meth-heads will cart off every piece they can to sell for more of their poison.

I always thought the two tram cars (now called Sammy and Randy by the Lair Hill neighbors) were the inspiration for the Portland urinals.

When OHSU moves to Hillsboro Sammy and Randy will become the his and her urinals for the new Caruther Park in SoWhat. After spending $12.5 Million for the park they ran out of money for bathrooms.

I am sure they have spent more than that. The land alone cost $7 million. There were demolition costs and environmental cleanup costs, they had to buy out the tenants of the storage warehouse, and there have been planners and other consultants galore.

A tip for the future, kids. The next time your elected officials propose something this dopy (and my head nearly went explodey when I saw it weekend before last), ask "Why?" Ask it a lot, especially when the money is coming from city, state, and federal funds. If the answer is "Because it's cool," don't bother with a recall vote. Go straight to tarring and feathering.

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