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Monday, June 15, 2009

Adams recall drive will wait 'til the 7th

Given the nearly impossible 90-day window for collecting signatures to recall Portland's creepy mayor, the group attempting to do just that announced over the weekend that it's waiting until July 7 to file the papers to start the clock running. Apparently, the time wasted while the bureaucrats fuss over the initial paperwork counts against the 90 days, and given the Fourth of July weekend and some sort of government employee furlough day on the 6th, the recall advocates have decided to wait a while to get the ball rolling. Sounds like a smart call.

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Thank goodness. I was wondering when someone would come up with a trivial media circus to divert attention away from opposing the stadium plan.

So why isn't there some Internet way to do these signature drives? I mean we have vote-by-mail, why not just print a petition or whatever and have people sign it and turn it in.

Besides the problem of the anti-side generating a lot of spurious petitions, I'd love to see something like this happen to bring govt out of the Stone Age.

Then again, I guess we are up to $50M+ (from an original $15M) for the CoP computer system, so maybe that is asking a lot.

The 7th is a very smart idea. Anytime I have business with CoP during a holiday period, I've always encountered the two to four days of off-days added on to each end of a holiday by city employees, especially if the day falls within the work week.

If you email any of these "holiday people" you'll get automatic email returns-"Out Of Office". We call it "oooh".

A few years ago, Lane County Oregon voters organized a stunningly successful one-day referendum petition when the county enacted an income tax which voters had already rejected. The petition organizers found about a dozen or so business locations around the county and announced on local media that the petitions would be available for all to sign on day-one of the otherwise short signature collecting period.

The county income tax was so unpopular that the sponsors of the referendum collected enough signatures in one day to put the measure on the ballot. The rest is history.

Don't know if Mayor Creepy has generated that level of antagonism among the populace, but the petition organizers could certainly jump-start their efforts by trying to imitate what Lane County did.

Time to reset the countdown clock in the upper left of the page?

I have a feeling that the recall folks can get 3,000-5,000 signatures if they spend a day walking down 39th.

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