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Thursday, April 9, 2009

SoWhat poodle poop park named

It's going to be called Caruthers Park.

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Fascinating - THey name it after a woman who settled near the Willamette.

Now from the park you can't even see the Willamette from 200 yards away - What delicious irony!

I am personally very, very displeased that the Park Bureau is being headed by Zari Santner.

Why is she still there? She should have been fired years ago. Need I ask how she manages to keep her job after all the f***-ups she has perpetrated? And Grimwad, why is he still there, trying to sell off our parks to fast-food franchises?

I think that those who have the ability to improve city administration are complict in the less desirable machinations at the political appointee level of city government.

I'm currently holding Sammy, Randy and that other bozo who's so forgettable I can never remember his name. He's reputedly a smart cookie, having an engineering degree and all...but you could easily fool me to thinking that he's just an escapee from some group home for dysfunctional low-achieving morons. After all, he is complicit with Sammy and Randy in all these scams against the public interest.

They could have named it after C C.

I bet Homer Williams is sad that it's not named after him.

I would have loved to see the bronze statue of him on a Segway, his Hawaiian shirt blowing gently around his rotundity. His fly unzipped, the figure would be surrounded by 5 midgets representing City Council lining up to perform fellatio on him.

"His fly unzipped, the figure would be surrounded by 5 midgets representing City Council lining up to perform fellatio on him."

I am so offended... because you caused me to spit coffee all over my desk. :P

"City Council on Wednesday recommended that Portland Parks & Recreation name the new South Waterfront neighborhood park after Elizabeth Caruthers, a little-known Portland settler."

It will be charming once they install the eco-charette.

I'm not sure it matters what the park's official name is now that the Professor has nicknamed it Poodle Poop Park. After all an empty median space meant for a light pole became, and is still known as, Mill Ends Park.

Yep, the public names the structures regardless of what the city calls them. Vista Bridge will always be "Suicide Bridge." The Keller Auditorium will always by the "Civic Auditorium." Keller Fountain will always be the "Forecourt Fountain." Whatever they call the Standard Insurance sculpture will always be, "Three Groins in a Fountain."

Downtown Portland has also got a water installation called, "Car Wash Fountain" at SW 5th & Ankeny. Now that's classy and probably commemorates a little known business family such as the Hannas.

Come on. This thing simply cries out to be dubbed, "Cesar Chavez Fountain." Although a more appropriate designation might be near the seawall on the Esplanade and could be considered, "water under the bridge."

At least they are including a place for the poodles to relieve themselves in the design plan.

No such luck for the people who visit the park. I guess the cafe next door to the Tram will have to start locking their bathrooms to keep out the undesirables.

No matter, my son will just Pee by Trolley.

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