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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You know times are bad

Three words: Starbucks instant coffee.

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It cannot be any worse than their normal coffee.

Fonzi..... you are dead on. I thought I was the only one who thought their coffee was bitter, over brewed and sucks.... amen

Uh oh, Starbucks stock plunged almost a dollar a share today, from $10.13 to $9.34.

I have wondered for years (and I mean years) how ALL the coffee shops make it but I stopped thinking about that years (and I mean years) ago.

Because, all the while, my wife and myself "did" buy our medium (sorry, grande) this and non fat that, "only" several times a week.

and, we met with this friend and that friend, "at the coffee shop". And for work I met with this salesman and that salesman at which time I also had them buy me a ham and cheese pastry.

$3.15 here, $4.29 there. $21.85 if they were buying.

Funny how easy it was to STOP all that.

And now my coffee from Trader Joes lasts forever since I dug under the counter and ressurected my 15 year old espresso maker.

Too easy to cut some pretty good cash from my budget (and I am not even doing all that bad).

Wish everything else were so...especially the hooch.

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