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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why your bus is being cancelled

"Wow! Choo choos!"

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I see they've copied the sleek look of the Eurostar trains for the front end design. I suppose they think it gives the illusion that MAX will get you to hyour destination more quickly.

Illusion indeed. The thing only has an average speed of 18mph. I'd imagine the new transit mall line will have an even lower speed--it'll probably make the Streetcar look like High Speed Rail, even.

I still foresee this transit mall remake turning out to be an epic disaster. I think many of those nice new trains are going to end up getting hit by buses on the "slalom" that now exists on 5th and 6th.

trains are going to end up getting hit by buses

We can avoid that by cutting out some more buses.

Eliminating 2/3rds of the stops in Downtown/Lloyd Center area would do a lot more to increase the MAX's speed than putting aerodynamic noses on the cars. Have one stop at Lloyd Center, one at the Rose Quarter, one in Old Town, one at Pioneer Square, and one at Goose Hollow, and remove the rest. It currently takes forever for it to meander through the central city.

A bike, of course, is what really moves one around quickly in this town :) It's like a cheaper, more versatile car that gives you exercise (and is a lot more fun to ride). Also, you're not restricted to any time tables, or forced to enter a confined space with people that you'd never allow into your home.

A few couldn't help yelping with excitement: "Sweet!" "Looks good!"

Boondoggle! Waste! Fill Potholes!

"I got my interest in trains from my dad," he (Andreasson) said. "I've always had it. Frankly, I don't ever want to drive."

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. And the City Council and Metro don't want you ever to drive, either.

I know how they can handle any collisions with buses: Just paste a copy of this article on the front of the trains - it's fluffy enough to protect anybody.

The new Transit Mall will be a bussling village of thriving businesses and happy faced villagers living the life they'd never choose.
But thanks to our visionaries it's all coming together.

I can't wait to see it in all it's glory.

I can imagine being in tears of joy at the sight of such splendor.

I'm a little wet eyed now just imaginng it.

With just the right music added the euphoria would burst forth a crescendo of utopian bliss.

Or something like like.

chriswnw writes: "A bike, of course, is what really moves one around quickly in this town :)"

Boy that is so true. Thank gawd it never snows or rains around here. Just imagine having to ride home at night on an icy street 'cuz there aren't any buses. Thankfully Trimet would never let that happen.

...or park the 'g/d' car IF you ever did dare to drive...
go by streetcar, train, and tram...oh boy!

where does it say bus service is being cancelled to pay for the Green Line?

It's not just the Green Line. Bus service is being cancelled to pay for streetcars and light rail.

Shiny new rail cars and abandoning riders that have been using trimet for years!

It's unbelievable!

I would have never imagined that TRIMET would be capable of this.

There is nothing to celebrate, and everything to mourn.

Mass transit is a failure in Portland Oregon, I still can't believe it.

Jack Bog: Bus service is being cancelled to pay for streetcars and light rail.
JK: We both know this is true, but do we have any actual evidence? Admissions by Trimet, etc.


JK: You'll have to dig around. The build streetcars / kill bus lines quid pro quo for the MLK/Grand/Chavez streetcar is fairly well documented--they call it an "operating subsidy."

There are juicier statements, but this is the first one I found--from the August 15, 2007 Oregonian:

The city money represents the last piece of the financing puzzle for the $147 million project, which would take the streetcar from Northwest Portland, over the Broadway Bridge to the Lloyd District, and then on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Grand Avenue to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. ... [A] proposed operating subsidy also features controversial elements such as reducing bus service and installing parking meters in the central east side.

Parking meters? That will be interesting.
There are some blue collar folks there with major power tools and the will and skill to use them!
The city could find its fancy solar meters inoperative a good deal of the time. Never mind the graffiti "artists" who call that hood home.

My cube is along 5th Ave., with nearly floor to ceiling windows. I can't wait to take photos of the anticipated mishaps. The sound effects should be great, too. Maybe Jack will let us post crash footage on his site!

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