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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What taxes go for in Portland

We pay staff people for creeps like Sam Adams to use to hit on teenagers:

In 2005, [Breedlove] worked for a time as an unpaid legislative intern to Rep. Kim Thatcher, a Keizer Republican. He filed papers, answered phones and played the piano for legislators. But even people who worked with him in Thatcher's office don't remember much about him.

While working for Thatcher, he first met Adams. Breedlove says Adams later sent an aide back to collect Breedlove's phone number, and it was Adams who then called looking for him.

"An aide"? A paid city employee working for a city commissioner? Isn't that special?

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One of Sam's most predictable qualities is that he's incapable of talking about himself without turning it into an ego moment. One example was how far he went with the mentoring BS. Before he was done lying about that, he had practically saved the kid from teen suicide. What a guy.
Incidentally, I didn't review any of this - I have ceased keeping track of Sam's narrative. Life is just too short. But wasn't one of the stories here that Beau came on to him and alarmed his aides by showing up at the party that ended up in the men's room? Sam said he was flattered by the attention, right?
Oh, and nobody working for him had a clue what was going on, right, until the night of the restroom incident? Didn't he say that's when alarm bells went off with his aides? I think that's it. Because they saw how much the kid was into Sam and felt they had better warn him that he was practically being hunted down. I think I'm remembering all this correctly.

Well, now it appears Sam initiated the contact using an aide and called Beau to kick things off. And did I just read that Sam invited the kid to city hall that night? I thought the story was that the handsome young guy just showed up because he was drawn to Sam's powerful animal magnetism?
Not exactly the flattering picture Sam gave us of the situation, is it? Especially when Beau adds that at first he wasn't attracted to Sam. Ouch!

So the story has changed again, and we have one more little wave of mendacity here, but it's more than that. As usual, Sam has gone out of his way to turn a BS cover story into a bragging moment.

Folks, this could be why we need a new mayor. A politician in a city this size should be capable of a better caliber of BS than this.

And a politician who cannot run a decent cover story without taking the opportunity to brag about himself? Well, that's not a brilliant policy wonk. That's a clown.

Breedlove would make a fine cast member on Survivor.

I find it instructive that Breedlove was working for one of the most right-wing, airheaded anti-gay members of the legislature. Either he was an opportunist himself or totally clueless,in which case he certainly was not exactly grown up at age 17.

It would be interesting to know if the "party" at City Hall was a city sanctioned party and Sam and employees were there per their jobs-"on duty".

If it was a CoP paid party why was Beau invited?

Why did Sam's staff condone and not report this misuse of city funds? Was staff accepting Beau as Sam's date which would possibly be permissible, except for the fact that this party occurred when Beau was 17?

CoP has standards, code of ethics that have been applied many times in reprimanding, demoting, firing city employees.

Today's WW demonstrates well in the Foxworth case the use of those standards with Mayor Potter saying Foxworth "violated the public trust" and "failed to set the tone for acceptable conduct". Sam, as councilman added to the Foxworth's chastising by saying "people were starting to tell jokes about Foxworth", and "They either shake their heads or roll their eyes" concerning Foxworth. Gee, that sure should get someone fired if your eyes roll. If these are Sam's criteria for firing-he's gone.

Kroger is doing the investigating at the state level, but who will apply the city Standards and Code of Ethics? Will the City Attorney investigate? Who will call for a City investigation-Leonard, Amanda? The Mayor and Council did for Foxworth, why not for Sam?

The CoP has standards and a Code of Ethics? Like actually written down in a book of some kind??? Who knew???
I guess Sam isn't the only mayor/city employee/citizen who did not know about this.
After all, if you don't know, how can you possibly follow all those pesky rules?
To paraphrase; 'if the mayor does it, it is not illegal'.

Amanda won't be the one calling for an investigation. One thing that's come out of this for me is a loss of all respect for, and belief in the integrity of Amanda Fritz. I suppose I should have known, that someone who professes their honesty and integrity so vociferously and in such bold-faced type, was 'protesteth-ing' too much. Doesn't commissioner Fritz have children about the same age as Beau? I don't understand how she can stand up there next to Sam and pretend it's all OK everyone, just concentrate on this budget document, line, 1, paragraph 3, fourth word.

Sam has aides?

"Sam has aides?"

I think Sam should resign, but Allen L., that was in very poor taste.

My bad, Nancy. I thought "taste" had gone out the window several weeks ago.

I believe the kiss in the city hall restroom happened during a First Thursday. Sam has been hosting art shows in his offices for, what, a year now? Maybe longer.

After that, I think the two went to dinner. Am I remembering this correctly?

This all sounds so - - sophomoric. Using his aides to send his message. "Sam likes you." Good gawd. The term clown is too elevated, try jester. The court jester of Portland, and people actually defend this guy's behavior? In the real world we call this predatory behavior regardless of whether his aides assist. The picture I come away with is "mentoring" is simply Sam speak for "grooming". Unfortunately we all know what planet this guy's from.

Storm Large was in the next stall over singing a love song. Sam had the seduction scene all planned out. I'm trying to confirm that Pink Martini guy is the fluffer but calls aren't being returned.

I'm trying to confirm that Pink Martini guy is the fluffer

Forgive my naïveté, but don't they need two of these?

The "party" was a monthly "First Thursday" event, which have been held for several years now. Most of the commissioners participate, there's usually artwork, sometimes entertainment, sometimes a theme to the evening (insert your own joke here if Bill doesn't beat you to it), along with snacks, beer and wine.

Who paid for the "snacks, beer and wine", and the extra security and lights at City Hall? I think I know. And I'm sure the extra staff at First Thursday also got comp. time at taxpayers expense.

What are minors doing at a City Hall function at which alcohol is being served? (Besides slinking off to the men's room with Creepy, I mean...)

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