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Friday, February 20, 2009

"Very fancy"

The new poodle poop park in Portland's SoWhat District is about to break ground. The construction budget is north of $2 million, which when added to the $7 million that the city paid for the land, lots more for planning, and heaven knows how much more they've hidden here and there, it's no doubt a eight-figure hit for two blocks' worth of not much. Go by streetcar!

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I love that the park is being built by a nutter. You can't make this kind of irony up.

". . . and a boardwalk will be built from sustainably harvested ipe wood."

What sounds like some sort of Dr. Seuss creation grows in the Amazon.

Rather than using local wood products or recycled wood products, the new park is going to bring in wood from South America?

Jack, did you forget the $2.8 Million the Parks Bureau is taking for "administration" for this park?

I forget to clarify. That $2.8 M is just for the design and construction administrative costs-not for future "administration" in the years to come.

"I forget to clarify."

Busted, Jerry! Or should I say Lee? Titter titter.

Or Ben, or Howard?

"...two blocks' worth of not much."

I like the sound of that. The park could be named "Not Much Park". It's ironic, and yet accurate.

A million dollars used to be a lot of money.

RE: "ipe"

Ipe is a tropical hardwood, that is farmed in tropical areas.

Major benefit is that it is hard, durable, grainless, and requires almost no maintenance. It does not rot, warp, splinter, or crack. All at a cost equivalent to clear cedar.

I have a deck built with this stuff, and it has required almost no maintenance, save washing, for more than 10 years.

On the other hand - a $7M + $2.8M dog park? I would hope that the cost would be borne by the the developers and an assessment on the residents that would pay for this extravagance!

Ipe is a tropical hardwood, that is farmed in tropical areas.

I guess that makes it a tropical hardwood, all right. I mean, being farmed in tropical areas, that is...

...and all:)

I think there should be a streetcar dedicated to keeping the poop park clean.

They could call it the "Brown Line".

More beer!

"South Waterfront District residents have endured constant construction and are eager to have a refuge in the heart of their neighborhood."

All two of them ;-)

The "artist in residence" and her dog.

I met a mom/baby in the North Parks Block today who lives in South Waterfront: she said they are eager to have it completed.

When I told her it would cost nearly $10 million, her mouth fell open and she replied, "that must a heckuva swing set"...

I haven't seen the plans: anybody know if they plan on installing swings or a jungle gym?

I'm guessing that Ipe boardwalks and swing sets don't come from the same design studio.

Like any upscale toilet facility I would assume the money at poodle poop park is being spent on attendants with warm moist towels to assist with cleanup, dog treats and a spritz of eww de toilet.

No No No

I have been Howard in the past, for what ever reason, but I am not Lee or Jerry.

cc, I like the "brown line" idea. "Vapid transit" like the Streetcar has to be good for something, right?

Of course, there's still lots better things to spend money on. SoWhat is just such a monument of lunacy.

dman, there are no toilets for the Puddle Park. The budget eliminated them. All acccording to Jim, errr, I mean Bob representing Zidell.

Hasn't there been talk of putting one of Randy's $150,000 drug dens...err...I mean Portland Loo at the new dog poop park in SoWhat?

$10 million and no flush toilets? I thought the real estate craze was over.

Nice digs for the dogs!

If Portland were Seoul they could install little BBQ grills for, you know, a way to tap more deeply into that Pacific Rim culture.



" ....they could install little BBQ grills for, you know, a way to tap more deeply into that Pacific Rim culture...."

If this economy gets any crappier grilled dog meat might be on the menu real soon. Woof!

Toilets for the Park was discussed in the endless years of planning meetings. There was objection by local tower residents as well as the Park Bureau. They draw the "undesirable". The neighborhood assn. wanted them. Randy Loos, I'm sure, is drawing the more desirable in Old Town.

How very short sighted of them.

Alas, my four year old (and the bums) will continue our established practice when visiting Portland Parks: pee in the bushes.

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