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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's traffic etiquette tips for the Salem area

1. If a dude in a Lexus cuts you off in traffic, one thing you might want to do is follow him onto I-5, all the way down to Albany, pull in front of him at a gas station, and sic your pit bull on him.

2. If you are a pit bull attacking a rude driver, and he kicks you, it's o.k. for you to run away and let your master take over whacking the guy.

Comments (7)

This dog's wimpy antics will spoil the reputation of pit bulls.

The cop said he didn't know whether to spell the dog's name "Bruiser" or "Brucer." Too funny.

Losing your temper is one thing, but still being mad 30 miles later is another.
Of course, nobody will ever come close to that female astronaut in the diapers who brought the cross-country rage.

Since when is punching someone in the face 'harrassment'? Isn't that assault? Aren't people normally arrested for that sort of thing? Or maybe this is part of how the State is dealing with the budget shortfall (i.e., rebrand certain crimes as misdemeanors so that the perpetrator doesn't have to be incarcerated).

LD, likely there was no injury from the punch, negating any assault charge. The suspect and his pit bull were apparently of equal toughness. Add a cell phone into the mix and this could have been ugly.

Looking at the ORS, I think you're right... physical injury is a required element for it to be 'assault' under the criminal code. So if someone walks up to you on the street and punches you in the stomach, that's not 'assault' under our criminal statutes unless it causes physical injury. Good to know.

I hear the dog wants a divorce - really isn't the "sic 'em" type, and hates those 30 mile chases only to get kicked in the face.

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