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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things that make you go "Hmmmmm..."

A reader writes:

I got off Max at PGE Park today, and stopped to grab a Willamette Week. I’m sitting in Coffeehouse NW thinking, WW is so out of touch! This is all old news. Halfway through the paper, I stopped and looked at the date. It was a November issue – the one with the complimentary article about PGE Park and Paulson. Going back home, I found another rack by the park with the same old paper. We are talking a full stack, the plastic band still attached, but papers pulled out of it. They had obviously been stored inside somewhere.

I think PGE Park is playing games.

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Maybe after Nigel Jaquiss finishes investigating the mayor, he can update the Willamette Week piece he wrote about Paulson and his MLS proposal last November.


Here's just one quote from it:

"A study prepared for the city recently found that none of the 10 soccer stadiums recently developed around the country has been financed entirely with public money, as Paulson proposes to do here."

Is Portland at the top of some sucker list?

I guess you're all burned out on this topic or busy getting ready for the Breedlove interviews on TV tonight.

I do want to point out, though, that Kevin Costner (yes, that Kevin Costner) is bringing Triple A Baseball to Zion, Illinois, a small town north of Chicago. An 8,000 seat stadium will be built on city-owned land -- for $17 million (about half what the comparably-sized stadium proposed for Portland is supposed to cost). None of the money will come from the City of Zion.


This topics gets me chasing my tail, but the news updates on this are spotty. City Hall, Merritt Paulson and the news media appear to be working together on being very tight lipped between PR press releases.

"Loose lips sink ships."

You know, like helping us figure out that the attendance projections used for the proposal might be based on attendance figures which have been inflated by including comps and freebies.

"City Hall, Merritt Paulson and the news media appear to be working together on being very tight lipped between PR press releases."

Don't forget Adams has that place locked tighter than a drum against any news leaks. Welcome to the new transparent govt.

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