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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shame Adams unscrubs his old website

I see that Portland's men's room mayor has resurrected his website from his commissioner days. Good. May the state investigators who are checking into his conduct for crimes find it a fruitful source of information.

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Do you have a photo of where the deed was done? Perhaps it can be mounted (oops!) some where next to the Idaho (toe tapping)Senator from Idaho, Larry Craig, Memorial bathroom stall at the Chicago airport.

Yikes! Mr Creepy & Mr Larry - what a pair!

I think he prefers to be called "Daddy Larry"...

And that's Mayor Creepy to you.

Looks like somebody hacked Sam's blog. Or has "free vintage gay porn" always been a link under the Popular Content box on the right hand side, just below Recent Posts and Recent Comments?

You do know that there is a procedure for removing pages from Google's cache, yes?


Any incriminating pages or posts were likely deleted while the site was inaccessible.

Jerry, it was actually the Minneapolis Airport where Larry Craig got busted.

His blog is getting totally nuked with irate comments, too. I wouldn't be shocked if he tried to scrub it again.

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