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Friday, February 20, 2009

Serious stuff

We've been knocking the U.S. attorney for Oregon, Karen Immergut, as being too sleepy a watchdog. But here's a story that shows her office getting it done: The former director of the Port of Astoria has personally pleaded guilty to an environmental crime in connection with the dumping of dredge spoils into the Columbia River in 2005.

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Not everyone has been knocking her. Oregon will have trouble doing any better if Obama makes a change. Gearin is small potatoes compared to some others her office has gone after.

Really? Like who?

Off their website to name a few....

2/19/2009 - Former Port Director Gearin Pleads Guilty to Clean Water Act Violation

2/17/2009 - Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison for Enticement of a Minor

2/17/2009 - West Linn Man Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison on Federal Mail Fraud and Money Laundering Charges

2/13/2009 - Wife of Former Oregon Department of Corrections Food Service Administrator Sentenced to Year in Prison for Laundering Proceeds of Bribery Scheme

2/13/2009 - German National Arrested for Smuggling Coral from the Philippines

2/12/2009 - Defendant Sentenced to Federal Prison for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon

2/10/2009 - Coos Bay Realtor Sentenced To Five Years in Federal Prison for Inducing Unlawful Sexual Activity With A Minor

2/10/2009 - Portland Resident Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Involving Mortgage Fraud

2/10/2009 - Grants Pass Felon Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison for Possessing a Firearm

2/06/2009 - U. S. Attorney and Marion County District Attorney Announce Creation of Woodburn Bomb Task Force

2/04/2009 - Minnesota Man Sentenced After Confessing to Hacking Into a Portland Based Business Computer

2/02/2009 - Warm Springs Man Sentenced for Aggravated Sexual Abuse of Three Minor Females

2/02/2009 - Eugene Man Appears in Federal Court Charged With Placing Phone Calls to Numerous Individuals And Businesses Threatening Violence, Arson and Death.

1/30/2009 - Newberg Man Indicted and Arrested For Theft of ATM at Linfield College

1/29/2009 - Imprisoned Spy and His Son Indicted On Charges Of Acting As Russian Agents and Money Laundering

1/22/2009 - Two Defendants Sentenced In Outdoor Marijuana Case

1/22/2009 - Hillsboro Man Sentenced to 148 Months For Armed Bank Robbery

1/21/2009 - Lincoln County Realtor Pleads Guilty to Receiving Child Pornography

1/21/2009 - Former Union Official Receives Prison Term For Stealing Union Welfare Funds

1/20/2009 - Monmouth, Oregon Resident Pleads Guilty to Federal Income Tax Evasion

1/15/2009 - Owner/President of the Former Columbia American Plating Company Sentenced to Federal Prison for Violating Federal Environmental Laws

1/12/2009 - Portland Architect Pleads Guilty to Federal Income Tax Evasion

1/12/2009 - Crack Cocaine Dealer Sentenced to 120 Months in Prison

1/9/20009 - Man Charged With Making Bomb Threat Against Woodburn Bank

1/9/2009 - Former Multnomah County Employee Arrested for Stealing Food Stamp Benefits While on the Job

I wonder about the timing of this article. Imo, President Obama shoud be wary of keeping/promoting Immergut, because she is inconsistent and will not investigate alleged abuses by favored lawyers/judges regardless of how strong the evidence is against them. She is a polictical "player", and while it may be true that only "players' reach her level of responsibility in a state like this, the future of the state and the well-being of its residents depends upon that changing.

Wife of Former Oregon Department of Corrections Food Service Administrator Sentenced to Year in Prison for Laundering Proceeds of Bribery Scheme

Yeah, after they let her husband get away in one of the biggest bungles in Oregon law enforcement history.

It's a whole lot of penny-ante stuff you're showing me there. Gearin's the only one worth writing home about.

1/9/20009 - Man Charged With Making Bomb Threat Against Woodburn Bank

Weren't there a couple of fatalities in the Woodburn incident? Is a bomb threat charge the best the feds can do when someone blows up a two law enforcement officers?

Allen, I would suspect the feds and local authorities are trying to determine who gets first shot at those ***holes. They are probably thinking a lot less about headlines, and more about who get them into the death room quickest.


Don't defend Oregon prosecutors as the best out there; we can do much better. But I think some people are afraid of the systemic questions that aren't being addressed, of when the public will start singing "a**es, a**es, they all fall down. The good old system in this state has hurt so many people, that I am looking forward to the day when honesty and fair dealing become guiding principles, instead of who knows whom and is the best pretender.

Ah, the District of Oregon the only place that the USAO actively prosecutes environmental cases... and the populace cares.

I look at that list of prosecutions and that is what I want to see from my USAO. Nice big federal sentences for child exploitation, gun crimes and real fraud cases. Go get 'em Immergut

The German national who got arrested for laying waste to reefs in the Philippines for importation into the US is probably the winner in terms of environmental impact.

Gearin is looking at probation for CWA violations... sheesh, doesn't sound like there is much there to me.

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