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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please stand by

A check of the weather on Mount Hood reveals the words "dumping" and "snow." As a consequence, blogging could be light today.

UPDATE, 4:47 p.m.: The meteorological reports were correct. A ton of new snow has fallen and is still coming down. A little on the heavy side, but fine conditions for the not-so-expert cross-country skier. Even the long, faster downhill stretches were eminently do-able.

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The weather/ski report for the rest of this week and next week show snow every day but this Friday, which will be a sunny, fresh powder flawless day for skiing and snow boarding.

Suggest you go Friday...
We just got back and it is heavy and WET up there but there is about 3 ft of new stuff.
Have fun!

Stop by the Huckleberry for one of their king-sized maple bars. They are, by far, the best in the state.

I drive all the way from Brightwood to get them.

portland native,
Where were you that it was wet and heavy?

Timberline says it's in the mid 20s.

Global warming at work.

I hope you had fun but Torah Bright couldn't have gotten me up there today.

Okay, that was an obscure reference: She's the Australian who's one of best female snow boarders in the world and she is absolutely gorgeous. Proof of God gorgeous. Reason for life in the universe gorgeous.


"Bill, I'll bet you say that about all snowboarders."

Go to google, enter Torah Bright, and Video, and go down a few clips 'till you get to one called: "Torah Bright Documentary: Riding the White Wave." She's wearing a green and black sweater in the thumbnail.

If you can watch that 5 minute video without falling in love with her, then don't bother with an autopsy - just head right for the morgue.

Correction: "Chasing the White Wave"

Go on....I dare you.

Ben: Gov't Camp...Meadows was better, a bit windy at Timberline.
I snow shoe; my spousal unit is the real snow snob/down hill racer type, being from the Rockies and 10k elevations.

portland native,
Yeah I figured you were talking about Gov't Camp.

I'ma season pass holder at Tmberline and it's been not so heavy the last two years with much powder, cold temps and blue skies.

Tomorrow, Friday, will be spetacular as this morning Timberline reported
16 gegrees and snowing
22 inches in the last 24 hrs
67 inches in the past 72 hrs
More snow today and tonight with sunshine Friday.

As for Torah Bright? Heh,,
My own daughter who joins me every Friday puts her to shame. Well maybe not with the boarding acrobatics but she's a doll and swell as can be.

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