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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oldie but goodie

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Unless you were a "Negro, Chinaman, or Muletto" who could not vote (let alone women or Native Americans).

And whether or not you were --depending on subsequent vote of white males-- a slave or not. And even then, if not a slave, then as a "Free Negro" not welcome to enter or live here.

I absolutely love Oregon, especially the beauty of the land, but it's also sad to think of some of its history, and the peoples driven by force from here. (I especially recommend reading up on Joel Palmer, especially "Feather in the Earth" about his struggle to humanely --if there is such a thing-- remove the natives from what had been their land. (The Joel Palmer House in Dayton is now probably the best restaurant in Oregon, but that's history --or irony-- for you...)

I know, I know...we've come a long way. Whereas the original Oregon Constitution denied the right to vote to an "idiot", George Bush has now shown us even idiots can grow up to be president!

If we took away the vote from idiots, would that mean we could throw out half the legislature and the entire Portland city coucil?

I missed something here - when did George Bush grow up?

"If we took away the vote from idiots, would that mean we could throw out half the legislature and the entire Portland city coucil?"

I don't know about idiots, but I've always thought that there should be a basic civics test that people have to pass before they can vote. Nothing tough. Name the three branches of the federal government. Name one of your US senators. Name two of the rights guaranteed in the first amendment. Stuff like that. I wonder how many voters it would disqualify.

For starters, it would disqualify idiots who think there are three branches of government when there are in fact four: legislative, judicial, executive, and the office of the vice president, which belongs to neither the legislative or executive branch but is "attached" to the latter. You know, like a barnacle.
Hm. Maybe qualification tests for voting are too vulnerable to being designed to be exclusionary to be much of a good idea.

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