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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mayor Creepy to business leaders: What's wrong with everyone?

"I have to let people go through their issues."

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Truly Nixonesque...

smacks of "I am not a crook".

"I welcome the investigation underway because it gives me the opportunity to tell my side of the story."

Is it just me or is that not one of the most over used, boiler plate pieces of Bullshut today?
It has to be on list in the bullshut guide for politicians.
It's an insult to anyone with a brain.

Hey Creepy,
The "opportunity" for you to tell your story was never taken away or prevented.

If you have anymore stories to tell, have at it.

But stop giving us the middle finger, jerk.

Sam's ego and state of denial are boundless.

Did you see Nigel Jaquiss's article about Sam in today's edition of Willamette Week? Apparently Sam transferred an aide from his staff to the Bureau of Environmental Services, where the aide did special projects for Sam, including "an examination of the relationship between money and happiness." On January 22, this aide was transferred again, to the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, where he is doing "research on peak oil."

What an incredible abuse of public resources.

"Research on peak oil."

And this corner, we are researching the sustainability properties of pixie dust and fairy tears.

Following up on the story "The Crank" refers to above, Willamette Week has this:


What meaningful purpose is served, and to whom, by this:


WTF?? Is the City our Health and Wellness therapist?

Adams says: "Get over it" - he has.

Of course the PBA loves Sam. They are all in bed together, and maybe literally at that!
They have all watched the same propaganda videos from the "International Downtown Association" and the are following the instructions on how to to dupe the masses and rip the rest of us off to the letter.
BIDs, LIDs, trams, street cars, and trains!

I thought they were going to ask about the rumor he is making Beau Breedlove chief of staff.

"Of course the PBA loves Sam." Why else would Sam have his re-coming-out party there?

I'm still wondering how many condos Beau has been responsible for selling at the Wyatt. Or do the developers simply hope that people will show up to gawk at him and be lured in by the sales pitch of an actual realtor?

If it were truly about the City, he would resign, because he's a major distraction and will be for the forseeable future.

I've come up with 2 distinct ways to edit Sam Adams-speak. Here's the first one:

"I welcome the investigation underway (Bulls**t) because it gives me the opportunity to tell my side of the story (Bulls**t)."

The second way is to flip any references to Portland and one person. You start with:

"It is never about one person," he said. "This is about moving the city forward."

Then apply the flip and you get:

"It is never about Portland. This is about moving Sam Adams forward."

See how it works?

"I have to let people go through their issues."

What an arrogant self involved jerk... but I guess we already knew that.


I knew from day one that this would soon become "our problem" as in "we need to get over it." That was a foregone conclusion.


Did you all notice that the "happiness and wellness" aide presented his findings in a 330 slide(!!!) powerpoint presentation?! And most slides are packed with text. I sure hope no one actually had to sit through any of that presentation.

Sorry to pick on a young kid, but geez. Obviously he could have done with some more supervision.

I think any references to the Mayor's staff and/or Beau's coming out should be deleted. This is a family blog.

I only slogged my way thru half of Roland's Powerpoint Odyssey. Hard to believe anybody working for the Water & Sewer Department could put that together on city time and not get fired. I would blame Tom Potter's visioning, but then I remembered he was "Sam's right hand man"...Unless Sam is left handed, it might be time for a good long washing with warm water and lots of soap.

I wonder if the examples of things that will provide these "momentary lifts" were aimed at the Mayor?

"Individuals will differ in what provides these lifts but examples might include: a backrub, flowers, chocolate or a comedy film."

Have any of you ever corresponded, emailed, or discussed with Sam's Third Man, Roland Chlapowski, about Transportation? For me it was discussing transportation without any practical or even formal education knowledge. Just formula answers with snide remarks.
A Reed economic major graduate being 21 years old with not one job experience becoming Sam's senior advisor on Transportation is disastrous for CoP, and this region. A sorry state of affairs. And you'll find that this is standard for many of the other 30 advisors in the Mayor's office as well as some of the other commissioner offices.

I believe Roland was a bike nazi, which makes up for any perceived "experience gap" in transportation planning.

If you think that's bad, look at Tom Potter's Economic/Business development team. Is it any wonder we have 10% unemployment?

Sam: The ONLY "Issue" I have to work through is seeing you gone from the Mayor's Office!

This is exactly what I thought of Roland when engaing him on commissionersam.com.

He was completely unqualified, uninformed while misrespresenting facts and policies.

How is it that Sam's followers perceive this type of shoddy and dishonest leadership to be either talented or admirable?

Adams appoints an unqualifed political shrill to spin out respond to serious concerns by his constiuants. He has him help craft more bullshit to the deliver to the public and pretends like he has a crack staff of experts.

This is sickening.

Even without his sleazebag activities and lying about them, Adams is unfit for public office, period.

He's a lying, scheming activist with an extremists agenda and no principals.

The farce that Portland needs him is insulting beyond pole.

oops ,,,beyond the pale.

I don't know what the terms of Roland Chlapowski's employment were. However, it seems from his PowerPoints and blog comments that someone must have told him that he was paid by the word. His faux obsequiousness makes me want to take a shower.

Any bets on how long before Mr. Chlapowski shows up in UnZipped magazine?

One of MANY examples was Roland actually wrote on commissionersa.com that the city would incur no interest costs on the Tram.

With millions in borrowed TIF money used to pay for it that idea was asinine.

This is the standard Adams facilitates.

I would have to say that Sam's staff incompetence may be about as important to consider why he may want to resign as his lying. Now we have Lying, Ineffectual, City Charter Infractions and Incompetence-as well as possible future criminal charges and future legal liabilities for CoP for Sam to consider. If he doesn't, then the recall voters will.

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