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Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking good

Alberta Street in northeast Portland got a nice write-up in yesterday's New York Times Travel section.

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This is the kind of article that was probably promoted by some one in Portland as part of a PR campaign to convince more people to move to Portland to fill our condo farms, like at 26th & Division, and to help them infest even more of Portland.

Anyone know who is doing this promotion?


Don't be such a cranky guy, Jim. Except for the "creative class" howler, it's a nice little travel article about a street that made it without being destroyed (yet) by the condo weasels.

oh, the "condo weasels" are there. only by sheer stunning luck did residents avoid (so far) a six-story monstrosity at 20th, and as many as four others. stay tuned--there's rezoning going on.

and while the left hand distracts you, the right hand is quietly and carefully rezoning and developing Killingsworth.

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