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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Krugman for economic czar!

Sounds right to me.

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I was hoping you meant Jack Krugman (Oscar Madison from TV's Odd Couple), who, even though he is no longer living, could undoubtedly do no more harm than the administration and Congress have done so far, but alas, I was again disappointed. You've found someone even worse than the current team.

The Original Bob W

In striving for the worst possible federal officials, I regret that the Bush team members are no longer available.

If only . . . except Krugman stated quite plainly around the time he was awarded his Nobel Prize that he was not interested and would feel uncomfortable in DC.

We saw him at the Bagdad during his book tour last year--the guy has some charisma and smarts. We second the motion.

I think he does more good with his bully pulpit dispensing sage advice and calling BS when he sees it. If he went inside, he'd have to toe the party line. I'd rather he not.

Talk about a so called economic team.....
Obama has fallen flat on his face on this one... That's what you get with the Clintonistas in charge and Obama as their puppet....

It could have been worse. There could have been no puppet.

I don't think Krugman's ego-inflated head would fit through the White House doors.

I love Krugman. But I also know it's a lot easier to stand on the outside saying how things ought to be done than it is to be in the middle of the fray having the responsibility to make tough calls. Throw Krugman into the politics of Washington and he might suddenly look like the hack everyone else in that town appears to be. And then where would we be? Plus, do we know if he's paid all the right taxes for his Guatemalan maid?

I was hoping you meant Jack Krugman (Oscar Madison from TV's Odd Couple), who, even though he is no longer living

Jack Klugman is indeed alive:


Perhaps you were thinking of Abe Vigoda (from Barney Miller), long rumored to be deceased, but also still alive.

I stand corrected (and amazingly, it isn't even the first mistake I made today). Well, since Jack Klugman is actually still alive, he's probably even a better candidate for the job than Paul Krugman (but so are a lot of other people who are actually dead).

I have great admiration for Krugman as an economist and a columnist (say that fast a few times and see what comes out). But I submit that, while Krugman understands the economics of our plight, our plight isn't an economic one -- it's a political one. And I think Krugman would quickly be impaled on the sharp points. (I also like to think that he probably understands this.)

I'd rather see Joe Stiglitz, who actually has some experience in the White House and is just as critical of Obama's softpedaling as Krugman.

Allan L.,
Our plight isn't an economic one, it's a political one? Well, thank God. Imagine how bad things would be if the economy was in big trouble.

I saw that Krugman talk at the Bagdad too.

Part of the problem is Obama's desire and willingness to have a true bipartisan solution. The other part is trying to do it with a party that is more concerned with claiming validity and appealing to its core, than actually working to solve our problems. The way Republicans are playing politics reminds me of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.

Republican = obstructionist hypocrite

A poorly expressed thought on my part, as Bill McDonald has pointed out. Let me try again: we have an economic problem, but the solution has to be found through politics. That's our plight.

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