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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ike, we hardly knew ye

The Blazers have traded this guy for this guy. Don't expect to see either one actually in a game any time soon.

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There has to be a reason?!?!?

Something else is about to happen, I guess. The trade deadline is noon tomorrow our time.

Unless Paul Allen has suddenly decided to collect expiring contracts, this is just a prelude to something bigger tomorrow. Ruffin has a $3M expiring contract, so maybe he'll be packaged with RLEC? I continue to hope we wind up with Gerald Wallace.

chess move, not roster move.

I'm hoping we *don't* trade for Vince Carter.

something tells me the Blazers aren't going to trade big.

Has Jack Bog just scooped Dwight Jaynes ?!?!?!?!?

I need some Sanka now......

Dwight's probably getting the rest of the story as we write.

"There has to be a reason?!?!?"

Yes, because he is David Ruffin's (of THE Temptations) love child? Which would be kind of cool.

The Blazers get a $3 million trade exemption that has to be used prior to next year's trade deadline. I don't know what a trade exemption is, but I think this is why Pritchard made the move.

I'm praying they don't make a trade for Amare Stoudamire.

Ruffin was signed to his contract using the Minimum Salary Exception, which means the league pays him out of a general fund for a set amount (determined by years in the league), plus he earns whatever a team wants to throw in. His total salary is considerably less than that of Ike Diogu.

The Traded Player Exception (TPE) results on account of this disparity, and is roughly $3 million, or the amount of Diogu's outgoing salary. The TPE allows the Blazers to receive in trade a player or players whose contract(s) is/are less than or equal to the amount of the TPE. (Normally, if your team is over the salary cap, you can only receive in trade salaries less than or equal to 125% of the outgoing salary.) TPEs expire one year after they are created.

The deal also saves Paul Allen a few bucks. Instead of Diogu's remaining salary plus a luxury tax payment equal to the entire year's worth of his salary, Allen pays Ruffin very little (if anything) dollars and sends $1 million to the beggars in Las Veg... er, Sacramento.

So... hardly a sexy move, but a good one. The choice was the sit Diogu on the bench the rest of the season, or move him to save money and open up an option to use the TPE later.

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