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Friday, February 13, 2009

Homer Williams pulls out of Tucson

At least somebody, somewhere is coming to his senses. Old Matt Brown of Portland SoWhat fame has done it again. Meanwhile, it's on to senior citizen housing in Tacoma. Good luck to those folks.

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"We hope to avoid gentrification," Brown told the recent WAMO meeting.

When asked how Williams and Dame planned to do that, a principal of the firm, Homer Williams, summed up the plan succinctly. "We will make money around you, not off you," he said.

Yeah, right.

Wow. Financial feng shui.

Guess they activated thier wealth corner. And how.

I would like to buy a half-ounce of whatever Bob Robles is smoking. He looks like he's much happier than Homer Williams and bears a passing resemblance to a young Salvador Dali. Wonder if his art is half as good?

Keep Tuscon weird!

Premature de-capitalization, equivocating gentrification, sounds like vocal masturbation.

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