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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here we go again

Another Catholic organization decides to pay lawyers rather than pay its child sex abuse victims. It's all about the money with these guys. How sad for those of us who were raised to follow them.

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It's all about the money, sure, but it's also about giving the victims the time they need to work through their issues.

Its been assigned to Judge Perris; she is the judge that handled the Archdiocese bankruptcy. This is a good thing, IMO.

For those who want to track it down through PACER, its 09-30938-elp11.

work through their issues

This has a vaguely familiar ring to it. Where have I heard/seen it before?

"Where have I heard/seen it before?"


Tax religion Out Of Business.

Especially attach the prime land under 'churches' that default their (new) property taxes.

Balance the budget with the revenue and then -- with the Billion$ left over -- dedicate the proceeds to spiritual recovery 1-step programs: Give as you would receive, Do as you would have done to you.

Why Taxation of Religion Matters - Religion, Politics, and Taxes, By Austin Cline -- It is estimated that churches and other religious bodies may own anywhere between twenty and twenty-five percent of all of the land in the United States. This represents a huge portion of the possible tax base and billions of dollars in potential revenue which could be used to fund schools and other portions of the social infrastructure upon which the churches depend, just like the rest of us. ...

END WELFARE AS WE KNOW IT - TAX THE CHURCH, Humanist Society releases "Religion on Welfare" special report.

I have doubts that religious bodies own 20 to 25% of the land in the United States; your cite doesn't provide a source.

For example, Utah, which has highly visible and prominent involvement of a religious organization, is 70% owned by the Feds. Western states, which dominate the land area of the United States are heavily owned by the government. On the east coast, the heavier development has a variety of private ownership.

Please provide a source for this assertion; it would be interesting if true.

Well, I cite Austin Cline and present his figure here as his claim. I don't know him or his credibility -- maybe he's accurate, maybe he's making it up as media LIARS does -- but it seemed to me Cline's number gave a starting position for thinking about and adjusting (to) the idea, rather than NO mention at all or suppressing information of the darkly hidden tax evasions ... behind robes and under altars.

The other citation I've heard in the same ballpark figuring, is from Ringo Starr:

The Pope owns fifty-one percent of General Motors,
and the Stock Exchange is the only thing he's qualified to quote us.

George Harrison.

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