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Friday, February 13, 2009

Have a great weekend

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Always good to hear from Frank.

Ever notice how this sound never has a "but"

The singer lists many funny flaws about his or her valentine. You expect something like "but I like you anyway because you are nice to me" or something like that.

It never comes.

I think it's the minor key. A very unusual key to use for a "love song" so you're always expecting some shoe to drop, but it doesn't. This is one of the most interesting love songs ever. Sung by Frank!

As a singer, and someone who studied voice for many years, I can tell you, that is a HARD song - it has unusual intervals, all of which are 'bare', that is, not supported by a lot of melody in the instrumental.

But it's Frank for pity sake. He could sing the phone book and sound fantastic. What an interpretor.

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