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Monday, February 2, 2009

An earthquake in North Jersey

Well, don't that beat all? A 3.0 in Morris County, not far from the Big Apple.

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I think 3.0 to NJ folks is like 8.0 to California folks.

At least in perception, anyway.

I remember i was at my computer and was like "WHAT WAS THAT" This happened also in 2006

Pray that the NYC area doesn't get a California-sized earthquake. Remember that earthquake that occurred during the World Series in San Francisco. If that had happened in NYC, it would have been much, much worse. All those old bridges and skyscrapers were not built to withstand earthquakes. Imagine the Empire State Building toppling over from a measly 5.5 level earthquake... It would make Katrina look like a fire drill.

Without a doubt, it was caused by Global Climate Change

I'm glad that no one was hurt. I'm from the Philippines and every time I hear news about quakes i get kinda nervous. We're on the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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