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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What? No condos?

If this project in Mount Tabor Park gets built the way they're showing it here, it would be a nice victory for the neighbors, and for the rest of us residents here in Portland.

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A new palace for 100 employees and would attract federal Obama infrastructure gifts. Will farmers in Oregon destroy/consolidate their barns and storage buildings expecting a Federal grant to rebuild their business? I love the part about using "some" of a new Parks and Rec Bond to find the funding.


As the City's new Parks Commissioner, thanks for the positive review.

The City Council gave an enthusiatic thumbs up to the plan this week.

Kudos to Zari Santner, PP&R staff, the Mt.Tabor community, and the entire project team.

We hope to include the plan in the President elect's stimulus package.

Nick Fish

this looks like it will be a great project. We are seeing more project similar to this in our area

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