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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The great-great-aunt says that's what she heard

The latest Palin baby story gets fishier and fishier by the day. Now it turns out that the only media outlet claiming any firsthand information about the blessed event, People magazine, says it got its information from Sarah Palin's aunt, Colleen Jones. And Jones says she only knows about it because she got an e-mail about it from her sister, Sarah Palin's mother. Jones lives in Kennewick, Washington; the many Palins live in Alaska.

No one has claimed to have seen this baby. No one has claimed to have a photo of this baby. There is confusion about the date of birth. There is confusion about the birth weight. No one knows where the baby was born. But hey, some distant relative of Sarah Palin says she got an e-mail saying that Bristol Palin just had a baby, and that's good enough for the mainstream media in the United States.

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