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Monday, December 29, 2008

Portland taxpayers: Hope you're not broke

Because you definitely are going to "need" some of these.

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Jack, it'll never work. It's not complicated enough, maintenance-intensive, or expensive enough to be accepted in Portland. Well, that and the users might actually have to put down the doobie for a couple of seconds while installing their bikes, and that might mean that they get their flapping-in-the-wind nads caught in the door.

Triffid is on the mark, again. Portland version has to be coated with mud and operated on cooking oil which has never fried anything but tofu.

...First, better find a way for Homer, Walsh, et al to get a cut. Then hire a $150,000 consultant to do what city staff is supposed to do on the planning end. Then pull it all together in a backroom deal and hold a public forum on New Years day or 10pm on a Sunday night so you can say there was input from taxpayers. Be sure it's complicated enough to require a bundle in annual maintenance and that it is rendered useless in any kind of weather when you need it the most. It's the Portland Way!

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