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Monday, December 1, 2008

Perp walk for Sizemore

He looks good in cuffs, I'll bet.

UPDATE, 11:13 p.m.: Whoa:

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There's a lot of election porn we'll be seeing in the future that will be sure to make grist of him being walked into the Justice Center in bracelets, I'm sure...

With this setback he should only manage to get three initiatives on the next ballot! Four tops.

Goody - Any dissenting voice that disagrees with the public empolyees union is silenced.

I'm not crazy about Sizemore, but the fact that he is No. 1 on the union's hitlist means he must be on to something.

How many dimmos pay the property tax lowered by Sizemore and are glad it is much lower than before 47/50? Hypocrites...dimmos....teachers, and the beat goes on and on and


Please, get a new joke, will ya?

At least Sizemore proposes changes which you get to vote for or against.

Unlike the state legislature that is so afraid of taking a stand that all they do is meet and spend state money.

If we had to depend on the legislature for changes to our laws that HELP tax payers for propose change, we would have been bankrupt long ago.

Instead of name calling and juvenile statements, why not try to form an effective state government that actually does something for its citizens.

Sizemore is a professional political operative puppeteered by an eccentric billionaire who lives out of state. He makes a lot of money doing what he does. Apparently illegally.

Let's not elevate him to Paul Revere status.

"Let's not elevate him to Paul Revere status."

Then maybe we should leave him out of the equation and just look at the initiatives on their merits which based on the previous election cycle doesnt happen very ofter.

"... form an effective state government that actually does something for its citizens."

The way it works is (ask) what you do for your state (governing in improved effect).

He keeps the Oregonian pages turning. What would life be without this scum?

Just out of curriosity, what has Sizemore been convicted of? Where's the data he's made huge amounts of money at the initiative process?

I belonged to the teachers union at one point and as far as I'm concerned they are a bunch of thugs. I really objected to them taking my money that I was required to pay in order to work for their political spending, most of which I disagreed with.

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