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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Noise alert

Once an airport runway gets built, it is going to be used. A lot.

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Wow, no s**t sherlock? (rollseyes)

And we continue to hold these people up as a city to strive towards?

What is even scarier is the number of cities that hold PDX as a model to strive for.

So much fuss about airplane noise, so little notice of invasive train horns. How about a little equity here and go after noise whatever the source. And BOOM BOOM BOOM car stereos with mega bass amps that frequent my Milwaukie neighborhood.

About five years ago I, and others who live near the Hillsboro Airport, were challenging repeated helicopter traffic over neighborhoods, generated by Hillsboro Aviation (allegedly recently grounded by the FAA for improper maintenance records on their aircraft, fixed wing and helicopter).

During the initial meetings, the Port of Portland said repeatedly that there were NO PLANS for a third runway at Hillsboro Airport.

It's now under construction.

After three years of struggle, citizens caused the Port to move the helicopter patterns largely away from 300' over neighborhoods. The Port has been very responsive to complaints about traffic over neighborhoods since that time.

However, here we are with a third runway at HOA.

I think Hillsboro's citizens are asleep at the switch as to what this 3rd runway will bring. The Port isn't going to take care of them. The City Council and Mayor Hughes just L-O-V-E aviation and are largely unconcerned about the impacts on neighbors.

Am I the only one flabbergasted at folks that move into a home near an airport and then complain about....the noise of airplanes? Oh, snap, I guess an airport means airplanes will use it occasionally...!!

If you move near a train track, you'll hear trains. If you move near a highway, you'll hear cars. If you move near a sewage treatment plant, you'll occasionally smell....work in progress.

Sort of like moving into Portland and complaining about liberal politics and bicycles, methinks.....

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