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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nate: Oden shouldn't be an "enforcer"

So the coach tells The New York Times.

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First, I'm not an unbiased observer here. I love this team. I believe we're seeing one of those rare confluences of talent and character that come along every... I can't remember when. We always get misty about the Clyde teams but even back then there was at least one player that I didn't like as a human being. This team is all good.
And these things are never better than at the beginning when it just dawns on everyone that something important and great is underway.
I'm not talking about unrealistic expectations. They could get crushed playing the Celtics Friday, but there's magical possibilities here. This is what Phil Jackson calls Sacred Hoops.
Greg Oden? Long after the body mends, the mind and spirit have to mend. Nobody was more upset or disappointed with what happened last year than Greg. He is still working back to the joy. Remember the initial smile at Pioneer Square? That is not yet back - maybe Friday.
One time tonight against Washington, I saw him run in a way that few big men have ever moved. It was someone playing with an unworried mind. This team is perfect for Greg Oden. Nate, Brandon Roy, Rudy. My God, Rudy was legendary tonight. The international aspect - we've got global stars on our second unit!
Look, I'll even say that if none of the traditional measures of NBA success come to pass, I'll always love the idea of this team. The concept is storybook righteous. This is why sports will always be worthwhile to watch - for moments like this in times like this. Go Blazers.

"He is still working back to the joy. Remember the initial smile at Pioneer Square?"

Not exactly the first thing I think of when I think of The Enforcer.

Comments from Nate about wanting to give Oden time to develop re-confirms for me he was the right choice of a coach.

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