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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hype-ernal ritual

Greater Portlandia has begun to go ga-ga over the potential for snow over the next couple of days. Right now it's 41 degrees Farenheit and not precip-ping at all, but the weather people say it's going to get a lot colder and start snowing any minute now. Having endured these watches, warnings, and hysterics in and around the Rose City for 30 years now, I've learned to take them all with a grain of salt. O.k., rock salt.

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After 16 years in Portland, I have come to the conclusion that the likelihood of snow here in town is inversely proportional to the number of days the television media spend hyping the story.

Well, don't be surprised to see some snow Sunday. You might not wake up to snow, but by mid day it should be snowing. I don't expect accumulations over 2" - 4" though in the city. I will say be ready for some bitterly cold temps (atleast cold for Portland) over the next week. I think the more "major" snow event will come next Wednesday or Thursday. Stay warm!

It's snowin' here now!!!!! Everyone, enjoy! Kids and "old" kids alike.

Let's see how it goes for the Monday commute. Portlanders aren't made for even a few inches of snow on the roads.

Notwithstanding my earlier comment, I DID prepare for the eventuality of snow by getting all of my grocery shopping and drycleaning/laundry/exercise done on Saturday.

Also parked my car at the bottom of the driveway nearer the street so I won't be stuck on the hill for five days.

Great! No "Meet the Press" for snow coverage. There may be up to two whole inches!

944 am update; Someone spun out on Barbur Blvd, and there are some churches that have cancelled services this morning. I will keep you posted in case you do not watch KGW TV.

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