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Monday, December 1, 2008

Good afternoon, shoppers -- our CEO is in the clink

We blogged last year about how the federal government's probe into the anti-competitive effects of the Whole Foods-Wild Oats acquisition had ensnared the Portland-based New Seasons Markets. Back then, the Federal Trade Commission wanted to see a bunch of sensitive New Seasons financials as part of its investigation. Now Whole Foods' lawyers are asking to see them to help fight off the feds.

The New Seasons folks don't want to show their competition their books and plans -- particularly a vicious player like Whole Foods -- and I can't say as I blame them. There's talk of risking jail time rather than give in to the request for information. As the economy continues to tank and $1.99 cucumbers get harder and harder to sell, this potentially ugly episode is probably the last thing Whole Foods needs.

Comments (2)

I knew vaguely about some of Whole Foods hijinx, but this is new to me.

I stop in to Whole Foods from time to time because the location is convenient for me. Never again.

What a load of horses@#t.

I wonder if they're attempting this again because Bush and his FTC cronies will be out of office soon... perhaps Whole Paycheck is hoping these guys are more sympathetic to pro-corporate interests than an Obama-led government. Jack, in your opinion, do you see any validity in this?

Meanwhile, we (New Seasons) are drowning in lawyers fees. Maybe Whole Paycheck calculated this and hopes to 'win' no matter what the outcome.

Screw them. Please don't patronize those jerks.

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