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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun and games in your car in SoWhat

This video shot on Monday:

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I went up that same hill yesterday afternoon without a problem. What a difference a day, and snow tires, makes.

This video was shot by Bob Cronk; he's a great guy (and the office manager at the office space I leased for my practice).

We simply can't have this kind of slipshod transportation network serving the linchpin of Portland. What would happen if one of the dozens of biomedical labs down there had to deliver a newly developed, life-saving serum for a patient in critical condition?

What's so funny is that just 2 or 3 blocks farther South on Moody, there is a much easier grade to navigate at SW Bancroft.

That same car/truck just tries again and again!

Stuck in SoWa - a new suspense movie?

I can't see the green bike boxes.

It seems like the white/silver cars had a much harder time getting up than other cars. Lesson learned.

Is that Gaines? It looks a bit like a stock market index graph.

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