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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do hot dogs pose threat of catastrophic explosion?

Some say so. Based on my own experience, however, I'd say the threat is greatly exaggerated. Except with respect to chili dogs...

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What the &%$*? Based on this document:


all the vendor has to obtain is permission from the abutting property owner. Is the County shaking him down for an additional $300?

The hot dog stand seems to be a nice fit with the courthouse denizen.

Chilli dogs only bark at night.

Tip your waitress.

Methinks it might have something to do with the fact he was holding people's switchblades, maces and swords for a $1/item while they did their courthouse biz?

With a click of the salute mouse to Cousin Jim for the link to J-Walk Blog for this video:

Hot Dog Factory Tour, (with comments), 07-Dec-2008.

Watch this video, and you'll want to rush out to the store to buy some hot dogs. ... unless Rush beat you to it and already ate the whole thing ... frankfurter casings, condiments, and vendor cart.

I'm not saying the hot doggity dogger is a replacement for your neighborhood hot dog stand, but I'm thinking its a good office present for anyone you know who works at the courthouse now.


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