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Monday, December 1, 2008

Big break coming in Sarah Palin fake pregnancy story

The bloggers who are determined to find out the truth about Sarah Palin's highly suspicious pregnancy and delivery with Trig Palin say they have uncovered something new that will further prove that the baby is not hers. Having read what these sleuths have come up with over the last several months, I know they mean business when they say stuff like this:

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my very hard working research assistants has uncovered a piece of evidence which may well turn out to be the final nail in the coffin. I believe it demonstrates conclusively that Gov. Sarah Palin was never pregnant.
If like me, you're very interested in whether the governor of Alaska paraded around for a couple of months with a fake pregnancy belly and has continuously lied to the public about the child's parentage, you'll want to keep checking here over the next couple of days.

UPDATE, 12/2, 11:15 p.m.: What they have is a shocking photo that shows conclusively that Palin is not the mother. More here.

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Shouldn't her daughter have delivered her baby by now? Or should I say, second baby?

The story I recall is that the second baby is due on December 18.

What do you hope to prove. You have too much time on your hands. Research something worth while like where is Obama's real birth certificate or other aleged inpropietes. Investigate why the left wing media is allowed to try to destroy one woman while allowing left wing nuts to do whatever they want to do or say to damage rhe REpublican party.

Philip, thanks for the laugh.


Hey Philip, if you have a little time on your hands, maybe you could investigate the “left wing media.”

margaretandhelen said that "Sarah Palin is like head lice; shampooing just isn't enough, you have to boil everything too".
That pretty much says it all for me. It is just too bad that she keeps popping up and in those RNC clothes she was supposed to send back.

An amazing phenom,,,

If Palin was faking a pregancy she is despicable.
If she wasn't she is still horrible.
She is an idiot, a moron, a diva, a Bible thumper and everyone can tell what clothes shes wears and where she got them.
But what does it mean when the second baby appears?

It's astonishing how an unremarkable person like Palin has become the line of demarcation for republican values. The line doesn't encircle those values, it truly runs a divisive wedge within them.

To some she's a shining, rising star riding in to save the soul of the GOP. To other republicans, she's an extension of everything wrong with the party... Bush with a pretty face and little else.

Her support doesn't have a gray area. I truly believe she's going to tear the party apart.

I think you underestimate the Conservative Movement here. If it can be proven that Sarah didn't give birth, the Religious Right will say the baby is still hers - it was just delivered directly to her arms from Jesus.
Which isn't a bad sentiment when you think about it.

The thing I dont understand is...umm, why care?

They lost, we're all happy, lets move on.
We all know she's a lying POS (like all politicians.)

Seriously, why is this such a big issue?

We'll know by tonight if it mattered in Georgia or not. She campaigned for Saxby Chambliss who is one of the more dreadful humans ever to run for office. If Sarah Palin makes a difference there, we will look back and wish these websites had discredited her even quicker.
I'm getting tired of people saying, "Let's move on" when it comes to things like the Bush administration. We can't let these people spin a favorable legacy here and you know that's the plan.
I'm not vengeful. In fact, I'd settle for an amnesty like in South Africa where people had to confess their crimes. Of course Bush and Cheney wouldn't be invited. Them boys need to go to prison.

What's wrong with you people? Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to conjecture about something like this? I saw Governor Palin shortly before she announced that she was pregnant and I told my husband that the gov was getting fat. Her face had filled out substantially and she had clearly been "rounding" all over her body. You can't fake a fat face.

Get a life folks.

I'm getting tired of people saying, "Let's move on" when it comes to things like the Bush administration. We can't let these people spin a favorable legacy here and you know that's the plan.

I agree with you on the Bush Administration, I'm just saying "lets move on" when it comes to Palin. It just seems like a bunch of old hens in a beauty parlor.

Sarah Palin is the new leader of the Republican Party. If she's been steadfastly lying about her pregnancy (and getting her doctor friend to fake the medical summary they released the night before the election), that's news, folks.

Something on this story that seems to have been missed:
A "right to lifer no matter what er" has had an amniocentesis and knows about the baby's problem. Usually, people don't get amnios if they don't have an intention to do anything about the results. If you swallow the "My water broke and I finished the speech and flew back home" stuff, then the next jump is that someone was hoping the baby didn't survive. Harsh, I know, but just think about it...

Amniocentesis is routinely recommended for older moms, and not just for IDing a problem that one might choose to take action on. It's entirely likely that the amnio was recommended in order to prepare for caring for a special needs baby. That's what any concerned parent would do under those circumstances, and I don't think you can read too much into it.

However, what a concerned parent, and self described Right-To-Lifer would NOT DO upon discovering that her water is leaking (unless she's an idiot) to elect to jump on multiple flights to deliver her special needs baby in Tinytown, Alaska when hospitals better equipped to handle such special circumstances are close by in Texas. That's what I find really questionable about the whole story.

@LindaK:What's wrong with you people? Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to conjecture about something like this?

Apparently, neither do you or you wouldn't be commenting about it.

I'm conflicted here. I don't want her to have the power to sway the senate elections in Georgia but I do want her to go on leading the GOP.
She is the perfect embodiment of where the Republicans have been heading lately: A premium on hype and absolutely no regard for brains. She could be just the person to finish President Bush's work of turning the GOP into a party of morons.
Giuliani exhibited it when he declared George Bush "our Winston Churchill" and this week Arnold did it, gushing about how Sarah could have learned to be vice president. I'm tired of leaders that need tutors just to pretend to get by.
The worst part is the things they try to get away with because they're too stupid to realize how dumb they really are.

Jack's right. This may seem an unsavory topic to some people, and in some ways I'd agree, but it absolutely is legit news.

oh please get over with it... i cant believe we are more immature than teens.

If Sarah Palin is as dumb as she sounds, how was she able to pull this elaborate scheme off without being detected? There's a disconnect here.


Given the numerous anecdotal stories of things that Albert Einstein was apparently clueless about or very nearly so, you might wanna rethink your premise.

how was she able to pull this elaborate scheme off without being detected?

She didn't. The blogosphere was all over this about five minutes after the VP nomination. And the rumors went around Alaska from the moment she announced her surprise, theretofore-invisible-even-to-her-own-staff, pregnancy at seven months.

Now, I don't much care what all folks be sniffing, snorting or smoking, but it can really mess up your head. Just saying, folk, you all take care now. Moderation in everything, man, moderation.

I'm still waiting for my invitation to Bristol's & Levi's wedding. Anyone else heard about a date for the nuptials?

"If Sarah Palin is as dumb as she sounds"...
That's the point: She IS as dumb as she sounds. Even her staunchest supporters realized the Katie Couric was a fiasco. Sarah just said it was "gotcha journalism."
Then it turned out she couldn't even handle the hard questions asked by a grade school student.
Remember that? What does a VP do?
The most telling point was when Tina Fey used actual Sarah Palin answers in her skit. There was no need to exaggerate for comedic effect. All Tina had to do to be funny was quote her. Sarah's answers were more than ridiculous enough on there own.

It's just another photo. As much as I'd like to see Palin go down for the count, there's no way a picture of Palin looking only kind of preggers is going to stick.

a picture of Palin looking only kind of preggers

Have you ever been around a pregnant woman? Three weeks before giving birth to a six-pound baby, it is physically impossible to look like this.

The dates are not in dispute. Unless the photo has been altered, it's the most damning photo yet.

Please comment on the later post on this topic.

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