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Monday, December 22, 2008

As if the jails weren't full enough

Now it's a crime to be annoying.

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Bad news for democrats.

Bad news for blog commenters!

Wow, so my wife could have me arrested for singing along to songs. I would be in big trouble.

People taking too long to order popcorn and soda at a theater -- now there's a solution. Genious!

Question, off the topic, and I hope this doesn't draw any fines - any news on Bristol Palin's expected arrival?

Sorry, kind of stuck inside too long and I'm getting a little grouchy. I really do love all you little dems.

Looks like Bojack.org could be head for trouble.

Wow...every teenager in town could be locked up.

I mispelled genius, I hope that is not too annoying. $500!!!!!!

I'm making a list.

Will this apply to those who drive the speed limit, or less, in the fast lane?

And if we had that here, everyone associated with 24/7 ARTIC BLAST tv news coverage would be in the clink.

I wonder if it would be possible to file charges against the city council and police chief for passing such an annoying ordinance.

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