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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Anything but justice

Big news from the Portland police chief in the case of the brutal 2006 killing of James Chasse by city police officers. Discipline for the killer cop? Of course not. More training for the force about chasing people and knocking them over. Don't do us any favors, chief.

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26 Rib fractures? Seems to me a tennis shoe requirement is in order.

I agree with you totally about justice for the officers in the Chasse case, but doesn't this represent--you'll forgive the trite expression--something of a paradigm shift?

Seems like a good thing to acknowledge that it's not all about getting the bad guy and to give officers the power to not act, should they determine the situation calls for it.

If the 'good cops' were good cops, they'd arrest the bad criminal cops. It seems none ever do ... good.

Since all cops broke the contract with us taxpayers to uphold our laws, now we can cancel their pay and pension fund.

Redirect that money to a better future: our kids' education and health.

Perhaps the easiest and cheapest -- it's FREE -- way to better kids' education and health is (the subtractive process) to remove corporatized massmedia from our community.

Our best future is in our potential, NOT in propaganda and police.

Hey, since the police view as blameless the cops involved in the Chasse murder (hell, they really deserve medals, don't they?) shouldn't we all just be happy that they are now pretending to do something to prevent such brutality in the future? That's how it's done in Portland, right?

Chasse was murdered with less regard than a cop kills a pit bull around here.

Let's just hope the cops practice on each other , eh

Of course they practice on one another. But that is merely PRACTICE. The real test is when you meet a perp in the field, and you get to try your skills in the REAL WORLD. It really gets your adrenaline pumping when you see some punk urinating on the sidewalk (I'm gonna kill that f&$*#r!) You've just had your first cup of Starbucks, and the caffeine is just taking hold. You approach the suspect, and he flees - PERFECT! You sprint after him (Run from me will you, you little pi$$ant?!) You start to overtake him, and you time it just right . . . you lunge - and tackle the motherf#$*@r with the full force of your weight on his upper torso, you slam him to the sidewalk! The CRUNCH sound of all those ribs breaking is REALLY AWESOME! I love law enforcement!

"Chasse" is French for "hunting". Mentally ill James Chasse was evidently fair game.

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