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Monday, December 22, 2008

America the Gullible

Where'd our kids' future go? Don't even ask.

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My 12 year old daughter doesn't get squat from me without a spending plan. Un-be-fu**in-believable!

On the heels of the article detailing the ungodly compensation the top executives at these institutions continue to receive this just disgusts me.

The only bright spot? Bankers are going to be less trusted than lawyers and used car salesmen by the time this is all over. At least my personal stock (lawyer in this case) will rise a little.

Anybody for waterboarding the bankers to get them to talk?

I saw a disclosure that 1.6 billion went to CEO's. Sound light to me, 30 Billion would sound more in line.

I told our children the day the bill passed in Congress that they could remember that day as the one in which they participated -- regrettably, as victims -- in the biggest daylight robbery in history.

1 billion is a lot of money to keep track of so if it's like 25 billion that is just impossible! Remember the pallets of green shipped to the war? Where did that go? See I told you so!

Now if the IRS was in charge of tracking that as if it belong to the middle class...

I think I should be given a billion or so. This would allow me to spend in my local community and get that economy rolling.

I would tell you exactly what I spent it on - dollar for dollar.

OK Enough... I am disgusted with my government just doling out the dollars.

It is a scandal to keep the wealthy, wealthy.

I believe the economy needs to right itself and we keep putting in these crazy fixes - that very well may not work.

Housing got too expensive, and they are not worth that much, so now those people are in financial trouble.

Maybe, I should be able to buy some cheap real estate and rent to these people and watch my assets grow. It's the American way.

If they are not required to account for themselves, they won't. End of story. It's unbelievable that Congress would have expected anything more. Gutless and irresponsible.

Gresham got their stated City of Emergency on, and I notice our military neighbors in the community, (Nat'l Guards cashing taxpayer checks all year and at camp in the summer ... I thought they were our Oregon Guards but it says 'U.S. Army' on the shirtpocket badges), are now detailed on the streets to augment and reinforce police actions ... with training (I suppose) in police procedures and regulations ... perhaps to quell breakouts of any epidemic of irrational exuberances.

Meanwhile, in another bit of babble on (Babylon) ... Ariz. police say they are prepared as War College warns military must prep for unrest; IMF warns of economic riots, by Mike Sunnucks, Phoenix Business Journal, December 17, 2008.

A new report by the U.S. Army War College talks about the possibility of Pentagon resources and troops being used should the economic crisis lead to civil unrest, such as protests against businesses and government or runs on beleaguered banks.

“Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security,” said the War College report.

The study says economic collapse, terrorism and loss of legal order are among possible domestic shocks that might require military action within the U.S.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned Wednesday of economy-related riots and unrest in various global markets ... by credit constraints and rising unemployment.
Super Bowl security efforts included personnel and resources from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. military’s Northern Command .... The Northern Command was created after 9/11 to have troops and Defense Department resources ready to respond to ... terrorism ....

Northern Command spokesman Michael Kucharek and Arizona Army National Guard Major Paul Aguirre said they are not aware of any ....

Good thing, (I suppose), our taxes-paid Army is on our streets now, after things were on the verge of being out of hand, here 8 years ago, in Dec.2000, when the nationalistic-level Supreme Court HAD to install the POTUS, because there wasn't time to count the ballots in Florida lest the public panic for not knowing who would succeed the Clinton-Gore administration.

Also, armed street soldiers among us help relieve the present danger of public panic, should some wild-eyed internet blogger or irresponsible mainstream media broadcaster report any of the collected evidence proving the nine-eleven official story is false, a hoax fairy tale like the Legend of Santa Claus the public would panic to have debunked ... and be left without a 'December shopping' reason to max our mall credit cards.

Even if nine-eleven is a Paul Bunyan tall tale, at least it galvanized 'mass psychology' (coincidentally stimulated with the coordinated color scheme accentuated in 'US Mail anthrax' from, it turns out, some lone-wolf renegade U.S. Army germ guy Lothario suffering romance withdrawal at the time, coincidentally, and he was taking out his cupid-sullen gripes on the US Congress's key Senators ... hoping by his secret 'news celebrity' performance to regain her affections or something ... conveeeeniently), that enacted our national taxes for the P.A.T. R.I.O.T. 'Act' (or 'Bill') which pays 'living wages' for the Guard-ed union of Defense weaponry 'manhour boots on the ground' and in step with the local city police, county, and state.
Yessiree, without the beneficial fear in the nineleventhrax mass trauma, we'd not be in the good posture the public is in today -- with the Codes of Law already on the books, prepared to receive assistances of the Pentagon in our police enterprises. And the cost of transfer-paperwork is nil because the benefit of the P.A.T. R.I.O.T. Action is it laid out all the forms already on the computer, so the secretary can just 'check-off the boxes' with a mouseclick and the cruiser gets that in its GPS, identifying the next house to go by ... at risk of top-heavy roof collapse, or credit crunch, or something for some police/Defense reason. It's so simple the clerk interns can do it at City Hall. Overseen by an elected council holding the decision to declare terms of 'emergency' when clerk interns are so deputized.

Like they're doing in Gresham. Or Arizona. It's national -- that's the tax-savings beauty of it.

In other reports related to banking secrets and unaccounted public money -- taxation without explanation -- there's this present news item in the ($30/yr, compared to Pay TV) Premium Webjournal of an excellent investigative editor named Wayne Madsen Report (.COM), in which 'subscribers only' saw these newsdata:

December 22-23, 2008 --'Not so fast on no foul play in congressional deaths'
On April 3, 2008, WMR reported: "WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources within the US financial community that an alarming confidential and limited distribution document is circulating among senior members of Congress and their senior staff members that is warning of a bleak future for the United States if it does not quickly get its financial house in order. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among those who have reportedly read the document. The document is being called the 'C & R' document ... 'Conflict' is the 'C word' ... 'Revolution' is the document's 'R word.'"
In April 2007, New Century Financial, the largest US subprime mortgage lender, filed for bankruptcy. In August 2007, American Home Mortgage filed for bankruptcy and Countrywide borrowed $11 billion to avoid bankruptcy. Further red flags went up in September when the United Kingdom's Northern Rock failed.
The congressional oversight committees had been briefed on the coming storm.
(... ranking Republican member of the Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit Subcommittee, Representative Paul) Gillmor (R-OH) was reportedly livid about the coming collapse and vowed a full investigation.
On September 5, 2007 ... at his Alexandria, Virginia home ... aides went to Gillmor's home and found his body ....
(On September 8, 2007, WMR reported:) "... behalf of the Virginia Medical Examiner's office, is claiming ... "blunt force head and neck trauma" .... Police have ruled out foul play."
Some three months after Gillmor's now-suspicious death, American banks began to fail and in March 2008, Bear Stearns led the parade ....

One person who worked with Gillmor on financial issues was Republican Representative Jennifer Dunn, who retired from the House in 2005, but had served on the House Ways and Means Committee and the Joint Economic Committee. Dunn collapsed and died of a pulmonary embolism at her Alexandria, Virginia home in the same town and on the same evening that Gillmor died.

On August 19, 2008, Gillmor's Ohio colleague Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH), who served on the House Ways and Means and Appropriations Committees with Dunn, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage while driving her car. A Cleveland Heights policeman noticed that Tubbs Jones' Chrysler was driving erratically around 9 p.m. The policeman said he found Tubbs Jones unconscious after her car stopped. Tubbs Jones died the next day.
Tubbs Jones was a bitter critic of former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell and was convinced that Blackwell and Karl Rove engineered the theft of Ohio's 20 electoral votes in 2004. The one man who could have testified about that theft was Mike Connell. However, the December 19 (Akron, OH) plane crash that killed the GOP IT guru silences a key witness in the 2004 Grand Theft Election.

(Although Connell) ... is identified with alleged vote fraud in 2000 and was reportedly prepared (July'08) to testify about it before being threatened by former Bush aide Karl Rove, our sources have claimed Connell's network goes back to 2000 and is linked to malfeasance directed against Gore.

Freely hear in it what you like; I paid for his microphone. Madsen is sort of the opposite of a private eye -- he's a 'public eye.' Anyway, (just like Bojack's blog) no subscription fee is needed from anyone who comes to read the unique collection of (web)published newsitems which are artfully chosen and assembled there by the site editor, and so for instance, any browser can read these stories in the papers that published them, via LINKS compiled today in the WMReport, free 'above the fold.' (Madsen's editorial touch in italics here.)

Today's News, December 23, 2008

Pentagon to bring accused USS Cole blomber to trial. Saudi man could face death penalty if convicted.

Kapo Chertoff's Homeland Security Department to begin collecting biometric data on green card holders. Refugees to be included in biometric sweep.

Gen. James Kowalski to head new Air Force Global Strike Command. Nuclear command is provisionally located at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC.

Navy to get 8 news subs. Price tag is $14 billion.

"Fort Dix" five found guilty of conspiracy to attack NJ base. Others see FBI entrapment based on dubious informants.

Army probing Houston recruiter suicides. Four suicides in last three years.

Pakistani Air Force scrambles on alert of possible Indian and Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities. Britain and US reported part of planned attack.

Aeroflot plane lands in Athens after bomb threat. Moscow-bound plane evacuated in Athens after takeoff.

INTERPOL says India has not shared Mumbai attack information. INTERPOL chief says only information has come from media on November attack.

COUNTRY FOCUS OF THE DAY. Guinea. Military stages coup after death of President Lansana Conte. Military seizes power from National Assembly President Aboubacar Sompare.

Some of which is related to what's being said about where our $700 billion is being spent, in parts. In case those news stories aren't in the paper. (LINKS active at the site.)

How non-representative bureaucrats are handled in living democracy.

Direct Action in Iceland, Jóladagatal Aftöku - 11. desember.

Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. The three major business banks have been nationalized, putting their dept on the people’s shoulders. People have been losing their livelong savings, loans have increased and are getting sky high (and for sure they already were high enough). 200 people lost their job, every single day of November and more and more people are facing the threat of losing their houses.

People are getting angry, some of them wanting back the “good old” prosperity, while others and hopefully the majority, are realizing the real cost of capitalism. More and more people are standing up against corruption and demanding new form of society - society of justice.

For more than 2 months people have gathered weekly in a park in front of the parliament. The first protests demanded that the government would “break it’s silence” about the current situation. People were tired of not even being told about what was happening ....

Some more of that taxation without explanation going on.

Anarchists and other radical leftists have come to most of the protests, but not to protest ....
But to spread anarchistic and anti-capitalistic information among people,
analyse the problems of authority and capitalism
and to encourage Icelandic people to take direct action against the forces of corruption.

... a group of people climbed a big fence and hung a doll of a capitalist.

Unlike to the usual Icelandic protesters, people celebrated ... and sang along “The government is a cheap and dirty pig!”

Few speeches took place, most of the including some nationalistic piffle which the radicals answered with a slogan: “No nationalism - International solidarity!”

One of the biggest newspapers in Iceland, DV, reported the brutal behavior of the police. The paper’s journalist and photographer were both attacked by the police .... (A) police officer who was asked by the protesters if he would have protected Hitler. His answer was simple: “Yes, if it would have been my duty.”

Our Pentagon and Congress and Supreme Court IS protecting our Hitler -- using taxation without explanation.

Everybody get your starvation on.

In summary, my comments points connect to answer the question, Where did our and our kids' future go?

And the answer is that we gave ourselves, and gave all the things that are ours, (such as currency denominated as money), and gave our and our kids' future -- gave it AWAY. To the military industrial complex. The insidious pernicious nefarious Borg. As we were warned to be wary of.

The mil.indus.complex did not take our lives and living from us. We GAVE it all away.

An analogy in drug or gambling addictions: The substance (or casino) does not take hold of the sufferer, but rather, the sufferer gives in to the substance.

So the mil.indus. does not march in and occupy each home and livelihood, and seize all currency, but rather, we'all stop producing craft and art and tradegoods of ourselves (with our liveliness) and instead go around trading our hours of life for paper (fiat) money, which we really have no use for, except to pay taxes with, and what ever is left over we give away in exchange to consume (not acquire) things. Which consumes the natural resource endowments of Earth; and we dispose it in the landfills.

We gave ourselves away and go on giving ourselves away, as it seems we (mostly) can't think of anything else to do with our lifetime. Almost all that we (mostly) learn know and think (of) is what's on TV.

At the very earliest advent of TV the mil.indus.complex enacted to influence, determine, and control what (psychology) went into TV. Especially: Them, (military industry), and their interests and their pursuits.

[I remember early 1950s TV 'commercials.' One was for Eisenhower's re-election, and it was cartoon-style, and its message was 'I like Ike,' repeated over and over by various figures that different viewers might identify with. But none was a kid figure, and I was a kid, so I couldn't identify -- I didn't know 'Ike' and I didn't know if I liked him or if I should.
Another 'spot' I remember for its jingoism lyrics, (accompanying pictures of military weaponry), sung to a dark or minor key tune similar in tone and tempo, or mood, to 'Ghost Riders in the Sky.' All I recall just now is the end of a verse: "... then NATO went on guard / and free men ceased to yield / we live again in peace and strength / behind the NATO shield."]
[Oh, wait, I thought of a third one. Also a PSA ('Public Service Ad/Announcement'), also jingo-ey, 'for' US Savings Bonds ... whatever happened to Savings Bonds, anyway?
"This is the farmer / a very smart gent / saves part of his money / before it is spent. / Jones is his name / and he buys quite a haul / of United States Savings Bonds / all through the Fall / ... and Winter, and Spring, and Summer -- uh-huh."]

In recent years, 'branches' of The Military spend 1 or 2 or 3 billion dollars each, per year, on advertising. That's taxpayer money. Buying ads on TV, radio, and in newspapers. (I saw some college football on ESPN and the on-screen score was shown in a frame-graphic saying 'Marines.com') If the TV, radio, or newspapers say anything contradicting militarism, then the ad money is pulled and the channel goes bankrupt. Same for political ad campaigns -- billions of dollars, keeping massmedia solvent as long as there is no anti-military message in the medium.

To recap this summary: There actually is no question of 'What happened to our and our kids' future?' We already know the answer ... it's like asking 'What's my name?' or 'Who am I?' When we already know an answer it is nonsense and some ruse to ask the question; 'pretending to ask' mainly means we don't want to think about the answer we already know, and what it means. Maybe that's why they call it a (mil.indus.) COMPLEX.
Some of what happened to our future is the points I put in the previous comments.

"Pleased to meet you / hope you guess my name. / But what's puzzling you is / just the nature of my game." -- Sympathy for the Devil.

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