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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas carol

Bush pardoned, and then unpardoned, a guy this week.

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Linked Article:
using false documents to have mortgages insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and in 2002 to mail fraud, admitting that he had persuaded officials in Suffolk County to overpay for land.
JK: Hmmm
* using false documents
* persuaded officials ...to overpay for land.

I wonder how many local developers have done the same thing?


Jack.....Is the a first in history? Bush can't even get a pardon right!!!!!! What a stupid a**. I'm counting the days or should I say "DAZE". It is amazing what damage can be done to this magnitude in 8 years.

I'm anxious to see the new administration take over as well, but I find it hard to go after Bush on this one. I give the Pres kudos for rectifying a mistake in time to stop it. This was nothing but a toe stubber, compared to the outright corruption of the Clinton / Marc Rich pardon.

The thing is, what does this say about the process the Chimp uses to determine who gets a pardon? Think of the thousands of people rotting in prisons who deserve a pardon -- in addition to the outright innocent and wrongly convicted, there are hundreds of thousands of people in prison whose sentences are grossly out of all sanity, who waste their lives in prison for doing things that W did for years ...

None of those people even exist on Chimpy's radar --- yet, somehow, of all the people in the world, this turd not only gets on the pardon radar, but almost makes it home free, and only because the press picked up on the contribution angle does it go south on him.

Just because there was no formal inquiry into political donations made by applicants for presidential pardons or their relatives, it doesn't necessarily mean that donations had no effect. People have telephones and talk to each other face to face all of the time, even in Washington DC. "Money talks" and not just to Democrats in Illinois.

I hope the family get their money back from the RNC.

I hope the family get their money back from the RNC.

If they do, it will be in the form of clothing that Ms. Palin bought.....

"Unpardoning" is apparently a first. I think we can expect the fellow to do everything possible to hang on to his pardon, claiming that pardons are irrevocable once issued. If he loses and the courts decide pardons are revocable, it leads to the big money question: can a pardon be revoked by a different President than the one that issued the pardon?

Should be fun to watch Obama's AG, in the inevitable court case over this, trying to decide whether to let an obviously bad guy walk or dramatically undercut a Presidential power.

Grab the popcorn.


It is rare, but the news channels say not a "first." As for revocability, my guess is a press release isn't the procedural finality to actually getting the pardon - there is probably something on a local level to sign to get the guy out of jail or expunge his record. Don't you remember the big hubbub about Clinton and other past presidents "signing" all the pardons on his last day in office?

Apparently Grant successfully revoked two pardons granted by his predecessor, Andrew Johnson. There is more on this subject than one could possibly want to know at this web page: http://pardonpower.com/2008/12/on-revocation-of-pardons.html

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