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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A beautiful day just got more beautiful

This game replays at midnight and then again tomorrow night at 8. (Thanks, Bean, for the tip.)

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As both a Zag and a Viking, I must say my heart is with the Zags. I think they totally overlooked PSU - no way they should have been outrebounded. Per the Connecticut game, I also think Pargo tries to do too much one-on-one, especially at the end of games, so he gets stripped of the ball, runs into people, misses shots badly. Dominquez seems to play a bit more within himself, and involves others on the court.

Now, if only I had cable . . .

Thought it was a fluke so I perused the Vikings stats. They were 14-2 in the Big Sky last season, are undefeated at home so far 5-0. Lost by 1 point to the Huskies in Seattle & beat the Zags. Seems to me they're hoops-worthy.

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