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Friday, November 14, 2008

Have a great weekend

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John (Mitch) Mitchell was known to be a busy, proficient, and technically accomplished drummer. Quite a feat for being largely self taught. Sorry to hear of his death.

He won his audition to play with Jimi after a coin flip. What he thought was a job for a 2 week stint in France with Jimi and Noel turned out to be quite an Experience.

Yes, RIP Mitch. As a budding drummer in '68, the impossible choice was between him and Ginger - I guess I liked Mitch's near-martial syncopation with the funkier Hendrix groove a bit more than Ginger w/ Bruce & Clapton, but both were wonderful. Manic Depression from 40 years ago . . . way cool to this day.

When Jimi was on stage, every eye went to him. Just ask Little Richard, whom Hendrix once upstaged from his backup band before LR fired JH.

But if you listen to the Experience, a big part of the sound was the standout drumming by Mitchell. It imparted additional character to what was already mind-blowing music. Mitchell was lucky to play with the legend, but Hendrix was also lucky to have him.

I think he was underrated - especially compared to the better-known drummers of the time such as Ginger Baker and even Keith Moon - and I don't mean to knock those two fine drummers. This probably had a lot to do with him backing up someone of Hendrix's calliber.

His playing on 3rd Stone From the Sun on Are You Experienced or on pretty much anything from Electric Ladyland had a lot to do with me taking up drumming in high school.

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