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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's week 2 of the annual NFL underdog pool in which I play, and once again I ask your help. The idea is to pick an underdog team that is going to not only beat the point spread, but also win its game outright. The bigger the spread, the more points I get if I'm right. Here's this week slate of games, with the underdog listed in caps:

8.5 ST. LOUIS vs. NY Giants
8 SAN FRANCISCO at Seattle
8 ATLANTA at Tampa Bay
6.5 MIAMI at Arizona
6 CLEVELAND vs. Pittsburgh
6 BUFFALO at Jacksonville
4.5 BALTIMORE at Houston
3 OAKLAND at Kansas City
3 DETROIT vs. Green Bay
3 CHICAGO at Carolina
2.5 DENVER vs. San Diego
2 MINNESOTA vs. Indianapolis
1.5 TENNESSEE at Cincinnati
1 WASHINGTON vs. New Orleans

Off the top of my head last week, I saw two good picks, but this week is a little tougher. Why not Atlanta, other than the fact that they're on the road? Da Bearss again? Maybe the Vikings or Redskins at home would be the safest choices.

Anyhow, with 9 points last week, I'm in second place, and so any addition of points would feel mighty good. Twenty-one players in the pool got nothing last week. Which reminds me -- if you'd like to make a friendly 20-buck wager for the season, and get in on the action beginning this week, you'd still be tied with 21 other people despite your missing the opening week. I posted most of the rules here. If you're interested, just let me know by e-mail, and I'll put you in touch with the game's organizer.

Comments (11)

I've see Ravens....

You're right, lots of potential upsets this week.

I'd be tempted to go for the big points with the Eagles.

Buffalo. They were more impressive than I thought they'd be in week 1, and that Jax D has got tons of holes.

Go for Miami. Pennington makes them much better than in the past. And having cheered on the Cards for the past 4 years, I feel safe assuming they will choke.

Buffalo - If Losman shapes up, they'll be this season's Giants.

Philadelphia is tempting, though

In order of confidence:

#1 BUFFALO over Jacksonville. Jacksonville is dinged up, having lost 3 starting offensive linemen in the last week. Buffalo is solid on D, especially up front with Marcus Stroud, who should give a good baptism to the Jags backup offensive linemen. Bills QB Trent Edwards is an upgrade over Losman and Marshawn Lynch is a load at RB.

#2 BALTIMORE over Houston. Houston is a mess. Baltimore should make them look silly on offense, and wear them out on D by running the ball down their throat all day.

#3 ATLANTA over Tampa Bay. Tampa is playing second string QB Brian Griese this week, which should give Atlanta a chance. Additionally, Michael Turner, the Falcons new RB is the real deal (he ran for over 200 yds last week), and he should draw enough attention to give rookie QB Matt Ryan room to make some plays.

Good luck.

All three are road dogs -- that gives me pause...

I like the Miami pick, 6.5 points.

If you want to go for the gusto, Philly over Dallas. Big game.

Indy just released their starting defensive tackle. For a team that got ran on by the Bears rookie last week, it seems likely that they'll take a hard loss AT Minnesota, with Adrian "Purple Jesus" Peterson running all over them, and a tough Minnesota run defense forcing Manning to do something other than drop 5 yard slant routes to Marvin "Alligator Arms" Harrison. If Manning lights it up though, there could be problems - plus as you noted, it's not many points.

That's as close to a "Go for ____" as I feel comfortable with.

Vikings and Redskins? 2 or 1 point wins for you? Ha! Go for the gold, Jacko! CLEVELAND at home over Pittsburgh or, yes, the NINERS (with a chip on their shoulder) on the road at a bruised up Seattle.

Well, if I keep taking St. Louis they will eventually win a game. Maybe.

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