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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


People keep asking me if I can find any bright spot in our nation's precipitous plunge into second-class status (or worse). That one's easy. In one sense, our longed-for dream has come true: George Bush is no longer President. He's turned his power over to Henry Paulson, who wants all that and more. They even skipped Cheney, which is also a good thing. Thank your lucky stars.

Alaskans, meanwhile, can also be gratified that Sarah Palin is no longer their governor. State business is now being conducted by members of the McCain campaign staff. Some of them may even have a decent education, moderate religious views, and a working knowledge of the federal government. Another plus!

Take it from me, a glass-half-full kind of guy. The Republicans are bringing us good times. As is God's will.

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Okay, it's solution time. We sell Alaska to Russia, balance the books and have trillions owed to us for a change.
Don't get me wrong - it's a wonderful state, but getting to know Sarah Palin and the gang has kind of ruined it for me.

Take it from me, a glass-half-full kind of guy.

I'd say more of a glass-completely-empty-dropped-it-and-stepped-in-the-broken-glass-in-bare-feet kind of guy.

But, hey, who's counting.

THe only thing I have to say is that I truly believe in the resilience of America in spite of its elected leaders.

None of the 4 inspire any confidence, Obama only looks good because he has no history, Biden reminds me of Spiro Agnew lite, McCain god knows what he'll do and Ms Palin just has no experience. None of them collectively has a clue about what to do about the current financial issues or energy.

Out of 300M people these are the best 4 people we can dredge up?

I forgot the improtant stuff - when are the football picks?

Out of 300M people these are the best 4 people we can dredge up?

Nope, its the best that two elite controlling parties can dredge up. "We" are not doing anything but going along for the ride.

Ms Palin just has no experience

If, God forbid, she wins, she'll probably do much less damage this way, at least for a while. I shudder to think of how she'll act when she gains some experience, based on what little we know of her.

Then again, Quayle didn't do much of anything during the entire reign of Bush I.

Quayle didn't do much of anything during the entire reign of Bush I.

He was a life insurance policy for 41. For Palin to have a comparable role, she'd have to have been an oncologist rather than a governor. In fact, I think she's pretty likely to fill out a McCain term cut short by illness or death.

Palin's a LIAR. She was not pregnant this year, for starters.

No wonder abortion was unthinkable.
It was undoable.

Yeah, sell Alaska back to Russia, where Seward bought it. In fact it was folly.

And toss in the State of Washington to sweeten the deal. Republicans have abandoned it. (The mockery is magnified by knowing Republican LIARS votes there; LIARS (hearts) Dino, Dino (hearts) LIARS.)

Democrats sue over how Gregoire's opponent is ID'd, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, September 24, 2008

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- Washington state Democrats sued a state official Tuesday to get a Republican listed on the ballot, arguing a candidate is obscuring his party identity ....

The lawsuit ... argues that ''allowing Dino to obscure [i.e., LIE about] his true party preference and affiliation directly violates the law ...,

If a judge rules the ''GOP'' designation invalid, those ballots from military personnel could be considered invalid ....

A recent independent poll found that Gregoire had a 10-point advantage over 'Republican' Rossi but a 4-point advantage when Rossi was listed as 'GOP.'

It's God's GOP will ... He likes the alliteration.

> Obama only looks good because he has no
> history

Far be it from me to suggest this, but having just read the Salon article about GOP-paid letter writers, I can't help wondering if you post stuff like this, uh, professional. Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, where he seems to have been universally respected for his ability to herd very high-powered cats indeed. That puts him in the pinnacle of the professional/intellectual/leadership elite all by itself. I know Americans hate elites; that why they've elected two members of one of the richest families in the country. But Obama has more leadership ability in his little finger than the last five Republican presidents could put together if their lives depended on it.

Oops, I have to take that back. There was Eisenhower, after all -- though he was a lot better as a military commander than at (e.g.) checking the McCarthite red scare or, worse, holding back the military-industrial complex (though he did a great job of identifying this issue for his successors to ignore).

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