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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Behind this web page no doubt lurk some extremely unhappy tech types.

UPDATE, 10:21 p.m.: The link is to the front page of SiteMeter, the web statistics site. Earlier today, when one went to that page, it noted that the big switchover that the site had implemented yesterday to a new software system has been suddenly aborted. They had pumped out the hoopla about the change, but it appears to have gone over like a lead balloon. Mostly it seemed designed to get us free SiteMeter users to fork over money for a "premium" version. Reminds me of the "new" Coca-Cola.

Comments (7)

What? Did they 'upgrade' to Vista?

It's back up now on the old system and interface, for those who wonder.

I guess I'm mentally challenged tonite but this link takes me to the sign-in page of Site Meter? For some particular reason? I'm on medication and a bit fuzzy-brained from it so bear with me.


They upgraded sitemeter, people hated it, they went back to the old version.

It would be really nice if Microsoft did that.


It would be really nice if Microsoft did that.

Why would MSFT want to backgrade to the old version of SiteMeter?


Damn I missed the whole thing.

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