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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Instant collector's item

When it comes to comedy, nobody beats the City of Portland. They just mailed out hundreds of bumper stickers with the message "I Only Drink Tap Water." You only drink it -- you don't also wash in it? Ewwww.

Has somebody got a used copy of Strunk & White to send to these people?

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Not in my house! That stuff comes out a lovely rusty brown color. I don't even give it to my cat.

I save my bathing for skinny dipping in the source.

Did you notice the comments?

Already the anti-fluoride nuts are rhyming.

I gave them a chance to hire me ... but they passed on it.

See what happens?

I only smoke home grown.

The street rats bathe in it. Set up surveillance on a Benson Bubbler sometime!

Only I don't.

Probably their subliminal way of getting people to stop drinking bottled water because its not "sustainable".

I think William Safire (and possibly even Strunk) would let the city off with a minor misdemeanor on this one. Putting the "only" after "drink" is less mellifluous. It also could be written, "I drink tap water only." But the bumper sticker's message is understood as it's written.

Are you a snoot?
Let David Foster Wallace help answer that question. (Read at your leisure)


My dog only drinks toilet water. Eauuuuuuu

I have that copy of Strunk and White, but I'm not parting with it. And I'm wondering... are the bumper stickers sustainable?

Please, these clowns have raised water/sewer 10% this year and at least 5% a year for the foreseeable future. This is what they waste their time doing?

Besides if they are so up on Bull Run, maybe the BS (bumper sticker) should say:

"I only drink Portland tap water."

How about "My water comes from the tap"?

I tapped that water.

Oh, come on, Jack! This is a campaign designed to highlight the fact that, believe it or not, there are people around here who actually drink tap water because it truly is the more sustainable choice!!!!!!! It's not meant to be a grammar lesson. (But speaking of grammar lessons, any idea why Jon put "sustainable" in quotations marks, by the way? Talk about someone who needs a copy of Strunk and White.)

And besides, as Gil pointed out, I think you get the message, no?

If you're going to pick on the bumper stickers, we cheerfully request that you do so in the form of a limerick.

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